“The Mysteries of Life” Season 1

“The not-so-sinister Mysteries of Life.”
Season 1

Episode 1. Devotion Demystified…

Devotion has always been misunderstood and widely dis-regarded as a fool’s prerogative. In the following audio snippet, we demystify devotion as we shed light on the science that goes behind the process of devotion. Listen further to know more…:)

Episode 2. The Mind Demystified

The mind is one of the most misunderstood, misjudged and misattributed phenomenons in the human body. Through the years, many have always wondered about the mind. What is the mind? How does it impair an individual’s productivity and sense of dispassionate judgement…Listen the following audio snippet to find the answer…

Episode 3. The Ego Demystified (Part 1)

This is part one of a multi-part audio-snippet that will focus on elucidating and elaborating on the intricacies of the ego. What truly constitutes the ego? Is the ego simply an evil entity that hampers a seeker’s spiritual progress? What is the true nature of the ego and how can you pro-actively employ it to achieve your goals in both worldly and spiritual walks of life? Listen the following audio snippet to find out…

Episode 4. The Ego Demystified Part 2 (Pointless Vanity)

In this audio epistle, we elaborate and elucidate on one of the most common traits of the human ego. The human ego is characterized by its incessant need to self-indulge in its own vanity. How does this prove to be a deterrent to the seeker in all walks of life? How can one surpass this trait to employ the ego in more pro-active pursuits? Listen the following audio snippet to find the answer…:)

Episode 5. The Ego Demystified Part 3 (Spiritual Identity)

In this audio snippet we meditate on the human ego’s need to identify itself as a unique entity. We elaborate and elucidate on the effects of such a desire. What does this identity constitute? How does it impair a seeker in his quest to attain salvation? What makes the ego so human in its very nature? Listen the following audio snippet to find the answer…

Episode 6. Desire Demystified Part 1 (Desire 101)

This is part one of a multi-part series that will elucidate and elaborate on the intricacies of human desire which grips the heart of every single individual on the face of this earth. What is this desire? From whence does it spur? Is the incessant fulfillment of desires the only way to ablating them? Are desires ultimately conducive to any individual’s spiritual quest? Listen the following audio snippets to find the answers…

Episode 7. Desire Demystified Part 2 (Desire conducive to spiritual growth)

In this audio snippet we elucidate on the way in which desire can yet prove to be a boon in an individual’s spiritual quest. We shed light on the subtle ways in which an individual’s instincts, intellect and intuition operate within. How can an individual employ his desire towards a loftier purpose than that of incessant instinctive indulgence? How can an individual transgress from being self-centered to being omni-centered? Listen to the following audio-snippet to know the answers…:)

Episode 8. Desire Demystified Part 3 (Desires and Thoughts)

In this audio snippet we meditate upon the connection that human desires bear with the thoughts that emanate from the human mind. We elucidate and elaborate on the ways in which incessant thoughts further inflame any desire. How does this process takes place? What is the connection between desire and thoughts? From whence do these thoughts spur and what effect do they have on any individual? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…:)

Episode 9. True Spirituality Demystified Part 1 (The purpose of life)

In this part one of a multi-part series we sum up the topics covered till date into a single expression that elucidates and elaborates on true spirituality as it can be practiced in daily life. What is true spirituality all about? What is the true purpose of human existence? Is ‘being human’ simply enough in this life? To find the answers listen to the following audio snippet.

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Episode 10. True Spirituality Demystified Part 2 (Materialism & Spirituality)

In this penultimate episode of the current season of this series, we elucidate and elaborate on the subtle differences and similarities that exist between spiritualism and materialism. How can a seeker differentiate between the material and spiritual facets of his life? How can the seeker finally go beyond the duality that reigns supreme in his life? In the end, what will the seeker gain by being truly spiritual? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…

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Episode 11. True Spirituality Demystified Part 3 (The Season Finale)

In this final episode of Season 1 of ‘The Mysteries of Life’ we shed an insight on the various benefits of the spiritual path. The spiritual path is adorned with many gifts that a seeker acquires as he progresses along the way. The seeker in his quest to gain salvation and enlightenment also ends up gaining a host of knowledge on the spiritual path. What is this knowledge? What is realization? What is the true essence of this way of life?
Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…

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This is an original series produced by Silentium Productions Pvt. Ltd. 🙂

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