The Epistles of Enlightenment is a non-profit endeavor on part of Team Silentium to promote and propagate the teachings of our illumined master through this outlet. This blog will regularly feature inspiring, enticing and thought-provoking dissertations on self-introspection, realization and enlightenment. These epistles will focus on providing an insight into the journey of life, so that the seeker in the end may completely realize it through realizing the ‘self. ‘Through the course of time we shall strive to provide you these epistles through all forms of media. Please click on the subtopics which appear under the “Blog” link, on the right-hand sidebar to access the posts…

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In today’s world, human life is slowly getting monotonous and redundant. At a single glance at humanity, we feel that the individual is moving away from his roots, from his existence and from the truth that binds his very body together. In his haste to endlessly achieve materialistically, the individual is somewhat forgetting his loftier purpose of communion with God. This undertaking is a humble yet cautioning reminder to the individual to go seek out the real and everlasting treasure, the procuring of which, shall yield him immeasurable bliss and infinite peace. Only through relentless and continuous self-interrogation and devotion to the One, can anybody achieve this. Therefore today embark on a journey to rediscover yourself, to know yourself and to live in perfect harmony with yourself and with others. Today set out on a journey to realize the final expression of undefined divinity that we call God. The One that resides in all of us and yet the One who we all seldom find within. Today let’s make a pledge to fulfill our divine motive as we live through our daily lives…read them now!


In today’s material world, it seems that people have forgotten about the spiritual world while chasing the various goals in the material world, just to prove that they are capable and not lagging behind. People have forgotten that the fulfillment of human life is in the union with the divine. A seeker on the spiritual path sees the world in a different way. The spiritual world is totally different and you have to experience the things to know them. This gives you immense pleasure that surpasses the trivial joys of this material world. Normally you can’t describe your experience in words as they are beyond that. But in these poems, I truly feel that the poet has found the pulse of a seeker & has given us a glimpse of the beautiful spiritual world. The poems come with a flow touching your heart as he narrates the difference between both the worlds. One also has an idea about the very important role a Guru plays in a seekers journey…

Poems induce the seeker to think and spark off the process of self-introspection in any individual. Hence these poems are incredibly effective in relating to the individual the gist behind his own destiny… read now!


Here at Team Silentium, we firmly believe in making the most of all available resources in our quest to further the spread of knowledge in humanity. Hence we found it to be only too prudent to use the media of video recordings to our advantage in bringing to you the teachings of our venerable master. These epistles of enlightenment shall be posted on this site every Friday, following a discourse, which the illumined master delivers on Thursdays. We would like to encourage you to try and inculcate these teachings in your daily life so that you may be able to derive complete joy and unhindered ecstasy from the otherwise mundane human existence…watch them now!


Following page would feature the epistles of enlightenment in audio format. In the due course of times, we shall be adding more and more audio dissertations; addressing some of the fundamental topics concerning spirituality and the journey of life…listen now!


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