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Change, Consistency & Success

In life, many times we feel that change is the catalyst in our journey towards success. We often feel and experience that great success can only be reaped if the individual in question is willing to change and adapt to his surroundings more fluidly than others. Success ultimately depends on your ability to mould yourself to your surroundings and work with what you have to achieve maximum results. Often we see that with such a wholesome attitude towards life, through creative changes or transitions that occur in an individual’s life, he is able to reap great success.

However the key to enduring success comes after achieving some form of success to begin with. Often the worst challenge that an individual is faced with in his bid to achieve enduring superlative success is his own inconsistency. Our inconsistencies arise from our inability to adapt with our surroundings. They arise due to our innate nature wherein our attention span towards any kind of task is too limited in both scope and magnitude. The sheer monotony of life, coupled with the natural escapist tendency of any human being always leads to a great deal of inconsistency in his thoughts and actions. This in turn greatly reduces his dependability thus affecting the overall perception that he has in the society.

Success is widely looked on and perceived to be a function of time and consistency. You are more likely to be successful at any venture, if you consistently work at it through a period of time. This is common knowledge that working hard at anything produces consistently good results over time; but most of the times, the problem occurs when we try and apply the same principle to our own lives.

Close self-introspection often reveals that the root cause for any decision often lies in our impatience and unwillingness to cope with any situation. When any situation becomes unfavorable or in a mild sense of the term ‘hostile’ , we immediately try and find ways to work around it; if eventually we are not able to find sustainable solution or workaround to the same, we simply try and change the situation using any and all efforts; in the process losing our dispassionate sense of judgment, which further leads us to grief and turmoil.

The point of the matter is to state that change should never be a result of our incapability to adapt; this is inherently owing to the fact that even if we change our perceptions and realign our choices just because we are unable to deal with the previous change that we made, that change is in turn more likely to lead to further inconsistencies within us; thus greatly reducing our probability of achieving enduring superlative success.

The point is simple indeed; in the race of life; or in the spiritual journey of the soul, it does not matter how hard you run; it does not matter how fast you run; what matters is how long you run. Ultimately Enduring consistency in an environment where change is a routine occurrence ends up yielding you immeasurable success in life.

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Conquer It: Series Finale

This week we finally cap off the Conquer It Series with a discussion on what the human life is all about. Human beings are at the top of the evolutionary ladder; but where do we go from thereon? Where does our spiritual journey truly culminate? Through the days, we have talked about ways to achieve greatness. Today we but summarize all that we have discussed through out this series. Today we simply remember and acknowledge the entire scope of our wondrous journey as human beings…

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Episode 14: “Conquer Distrust”

In this episode of the Conquer It series, we discuss ways in which we can overcome doubt and distrust. Trust is a very important factor on the spiritual path. It also plays a great role in any worldly achievements. Trust in nothing but unconditional faith. It is faith in its purest forms. The greatest of achievements are realized only with unshaken faith. Today we learn ways in which we can preserve this genuine attribute in our heart. Today we learn as to why trust is imperative on the path that leads to success. Today we conquer the doubt that lingers within our hearts…

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Life is a dynamic and ever changing stream of events that occur to an individual. Often in life, we see that people are reluctant to change and if they are not, then at times they are simply too eager to change. In the duality that ensues owing to the ever-changing perceptions of the seeker, he is thus unable to find true consistency in his life. At times he changes for he feels that he should change; and yet afterwards he finds that change hard to accept. Point of the matter is that we need to map our behavioral changes according to the society in which we live. Inwardly, we need to take a proper consensus, while changing our perception, so that we won’t be bogged down by the inconsistencies of life.

Everyone says that change is a wonderful thing; that change is the only thing that is constant in this world. That is indeed true. Throughout our life, we find that our relationships and the equation upon which we base our life change rapidly. This change is sometimes induced; while on other occasions, it simply occurs on its own. How quickly we adapt to the changes that take place in our life ultimately determines our rate of success. Hence the most conducive way of living would state that we as humans be open to any change that takes place in our lives.

There are also times, when we on our own accord seek a change in our life. There are times, when some events alter our perception; they alter the way in which we look at life. There are some crucial points in every man’s journey wherein he realizes that he needs to change. In such moments, the individual involved in the act of change certainly experiences varied reactions from his peers.

Change is not an easy process and getting someone to accept that change is an even harder one. Many times we feel that people around us are not welcome of the changes that we bring into our own lives. This is essentially owing to the fact that our peers are used to seeing us in a particular way. They are comfortable with our perceptions being as they are; the moment we change them, people around us know, that the change would inadvertently affect them.

Perception is also one of the reasons, why I say that change is not necessarily a good thing. Our minds are feeble entities that are incapable of showing a shred of consistency. The human mind is always prone to swaying off the course and losing its orientation. Consequently our perceptions alter with rapid frequency as we sway to our heart’s content on the pendulum of the mind. In such a scenario, we often find that change remains an integral part of our lives; we find that there is indeed no consistency within us; that there is no inner sense of resolve and determination. In such a scenario all that we are left with is a fickle mind that sways to any impulses that rise from within.

That is precisely the reason why most of us experience failure at some point in our lives. Inner perception is a very important thing. It is crucial in determining the graph of our life. The most prudent thing would indeed be that we take time to form our perceptions, but once that perception is formed; when that ideology has been created, we ensure that we follow it to completion. Only then can we hope to achieve something tangible in life.

When you imbibe such a holistic approach in life, you would indeed find that the people around you, unflinchingly place their trust in you; for they truly believe in you. They believe in your consistency and they truly feel that with that resolve and with that unshaken will, you would indeed be able to bring a wonderful change in any place that you go.

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Episode 13: “Conquer Corruption”

Today we discuss an issue that is an inherent part of all our personalities. Our mind which dictates the course of our actions is often prone to inner corruption. Corruption comes in form of unneeded desires that divert the mind and make us lose our focus. The one key to truly achieve enduring superlative success is to keep the mind away from corruption; Easier said than done…! How can we keep the mind focused? How can we ensure that it stays centered and oriented towards its true purpose? How can we conquer the corruption that lies within?

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Episode 12: “Conquer Temptations”

Temptations are momentary impulses that arise from human instincts. They are indeed so overbearing that engulfed in their midst, man can indeed think of nothing else. Temptations often lead to the ultimate downfall of any human being. The reason being that they are nothing but instinctive impulses and to satiate those impulses, man foregos all bonds of friendship and brotherhood. Throughout history great men have fallen to the traps of temptations. How can we ensure that we remain free from them? How can we ensure that we can achieve enduring superlative success? How can we conquer our temptations?

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Episode 11: “Conquer Mediocrity”

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Mediocrity is the single greatest threat to achieving success. Mediocrity is entirely comprised of instinctive impulses which are drawn from baser desires. A mediocre person can hardly ever think out of the box; hence achieving enduring superlative success always remains beyond his scope. We are always prone to succumb to mediocre desires because they demand negligible efforts on our part.

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Episode 10: “Conquer Complacency”

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In our quest to achieve enduring superlative success, we often find that at times we don’t really feel motivated to do our best. Many times, we simply feel that we would be better off living a sedentary lifestyle. The reason behind this deceptive sense of satisfaction is complacency. Many times, we feel contented and satisfied despite under-performing in a given situation. This essentially happens owing to the fact that we are completely unaware of our true capabilities. Hence complacency in a way truly keeps us from realizing our true potential. How can we overcome it? How can we ensure enduring superlative success? How can we conquer complacency? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers.

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Emotional Quotient

As you well know that our spiritual quotient is ultimately drawn from our physical quotient and our emotional quotient. In the last chapter, we discussed in brief about the physical quotient and the ways in which we can enhance the quality of our lives to ensure that we remain pro-active as long as we live. In this chapter, we are essentially going to elaborate on our emotional quotient. What does emotional quotient mean? How is it so instrumental in determining our rate of success on the spiritual path? How can we improve our emotional quotient? The answers lie herein.

It is often observed that many people value their emotions first and foremost in their lives. Many people literally feel that their emotions truly make them human; and that the journey of life is made more endearing and more enjoyable through emotions. While the fact remains that our emotions essentially connect us to our human side, they are at the same time the source of all our weaknesses. When we inherently make any decision based on our emotions, we often see that it leads us to ultimate misery and regret. The reason as to why this happens is based in the fact that our emotions always cloud our discerning intellect. When we are emotionally charged we cannot make dispassionate judgments of different situations. Often we go into any situation with a pre-conceived notion that is drawn from our emotions. Thus when the situation demands a specific solution from us, we are unable to provide a good one.

Emotions always result in multiple entanglements. Our emotions that essentially spur from our mind are always entrenched in duality. We can never get a consistent response from an emotional person. He is always bound to be meandering aimlessly as his emotion dictate. Thus, the person who is inherently emotional in nature can hardly survive the journey of life.

So at this point one may ask as to how one can truly live his life. Is he supposed to ignore all his emotions and live life like a machine? Is he supposed to become heartless and unresponsive to other people’s emotions? Well the answer is divided on that account. When it comes to your own case, always keep in mind, that your emotions must never dictate your actions. It is easier said than done. One has to always be aware of his feelings and his underlying thoughts to discern whether his emotions are truly directing the course of his actions. One needs to be perpetually aware and self-introspective in nature. But in doing so, the seeker has to ensure that he cannot turn into a ruthless and emotionally depraved individual. Often it so happens that when our own emotions are not regarded, we tend to hurt other people’s feelings. This must never be the case, or you would always be at the receiving end of other’s hatred.

What the seeker has to indeed accomplish is to strike a perfect balance between sensitivity and sensibility. He must be considerate enough to understand the emotional turbulences that take place in those around him and yet he must be stoic enough to be able to take his decision based on the dispassionate analysis of the situation. Upon doing so, he ultimately realize that his decisions pay out great dividends in the future.

Emotions are but momentary impulses of our troubled minds. To ignore them would indeed be dangerous; and to comply with them would indeed be foolish. What we have to accomplish is a wholesome approach to life, where our emotional receptivity towards others is high and yet we ourselves remain dispassionate enough to make the right choice and seamlessly progress in the path that leads towards our ultimate salvation.

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Chapter 12: “Emotional Quotient”

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In the season finale of the Satsang series, Rutugandha recounts the day when the master spoke of emotional quotient and the effects that it has on a seeker’s spiritual growth. Man is always bound by his emotions; riding the waves of his impulses. When we take any decision solely based on our emotions, we end up making a grave mistake. How can we ensure that we can remain practical and object-oriented in life? At the same time, how can we make sure that we don’t turn into heartless machine? For the answers to all these questions and many more, listen to the following audio snippet.

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