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The Last Pilgrimage is a journey through which, we wish to take you beyond all journeys of life. It is a blog aimed specifically at elaborating and elucidating upon the mysteries of life; the pitfalls; the quagmires and the subsequent failures. This is a sincere attempt to make the reader realize that there indeed are worlds beyond his mundane sight that would make this worldly life seem redundant and recursive. This is a humble and honest undertaking towards furthering the cause of enlightenment in humanity.

We will always strive to make this website an utterly satisfying and exhilarating content-rich experience for you. The creative content provided on this site is produced  exclusively by Silentium Productions Pvt. Ltd. We truly believe that the content posted on this site is invaluable and hence choose not to charge you for it. This has been the mandate and the underlying ethos in the genesis of this site…

Simply put, the best things in life are free.

This time around, all we are doing is providing you with an example…:)

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Team Silentium.

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