The Mysteries of Life; Season 2

In the second season, we dive into the world of realization and enlightenment, We shed light on some of the advanced concepts pertaining to true spirituality and man’s lofty quest. In this season, we understand concepts like realization, fate, destiny, enlightenment and love. Stay tuned on the tlp weblog; we are in for a truly enlightening summer…:)

Episode 13: Meditation Demystified.

In the last episode of the second season of The Mysteries of Life, we discuss about the spectacular journey of self-realization; the journey towards enlightenment. Meditation has always been an issue that is often discussed upon by seekers and enthusiasts alike. Through the varied forms of meditation practiced by seekers over the world, we try and get a concise overview of what meditation is all about. How can we lead the ideal spiritual life? Listen to the following audio snippet to know the answers…listen now!


Episode 12: Destiny Demystified.

Destiny is indeed a queer thing. At times we equate it with fate and still we know that it is something that is still a mystery. As a seeker moves further on in the spiritual journey of life, he starts to question his own destiny incessantly. Are the choices that he makes truly the factors that determine the scope of his life? Or is his life simply a charted streak of random occurrings that he can but experience and not alter? Whatever it may be, the true scope of his destiny always eludes a seeker. In today’s episode of the mysteries of life, we try to elucidate on what our destiny truly represents…listen now!

Episode 11: Fate Demystified.

In the eleventh episode of the mysteries of life, we shed light on one of the most misunderstood concepts pertaining to the human existence. We shed light on fate. Many times we see a person cursing his stars; or effectively cursing his fate when he encounters failure in life. However both success and failure that a person receives in his life is the outcome of his own deeds; and so is fate. What is fate? How is it instrumental in shaping our destiny? How can we come to an understanding where we no longer blame someone else for our failures? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 10: Disconnected Deeds.

In the tenth episode of the mysteries of life, we take a complete overview of law of karma and the way that it connects us to our human existence. In addition we also enumerate the ways in which we can truly remain disconnected and yet remain proactive in life. How can we ensure that in the end we get lasting peace and satisfaction? How can we ensure that we not tarry in the duality that exists between good and bad? How can we ensure that we remain creative and productive whilst walking the path to liberation? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 9: Saint and Sinner

In the ninth episode of this season of The Mysteries of Life, we start the discussion where we had last left it off. People often think of karma as being either good or bad. But this perception of karma is often based upon our own ideas and upbringing. Thus what we may deem as either good or bad, may not necessarily be so. What is karma? Is there indeed anything such as good or bad karma? How can man willfully navigate his boat through the treacherous seas of life?…listen now!

Episode 8: Karma Demystified.

Today in the eighth episode of the second season of the mysteries of life, we touch base on what is perhaps the most important aspect related to true spirituality and the journey of life. Karma or action has always been a great mystery for humankind. Few people truly cognize the scope of their karmic actions. What is karma? Why is it so potent in shaping our destinies? How can we proactively ensure that we remain centered in life irrespective of our myriad karmic ties? In the coming weeks we would be discussing on all these questions; unraveling this spellbinding mystery of life…listen now!

Episode 7: Love and God.

In the seventh episode of The Mysteries of Life, we cap off the dissertation on love and relationships by taking a deep plunge into the seas of divine romance. We often see parallels drawn between love and God. Conversely we often see God being mentioned as a hurdle in the path of love. Today we resolve that debate once and for all as we equate the two in a single simplified epistle of enlightenment. Love God and he shall love thee back. Love God and you shall have no other cares.. love god and be free…forever…listen now!

Episode 6: Relationships Demystified.

In the sixth episode of The Mysteries of Life, we shed light on an important aspect of our worldly lives. We shed light on relationships and what they truly are in today’s day and age. Often it happens that we equate love with relationships or we necessarily attribute relationships to love. However is that truly the reality in our own lives? Can relationships sustain true love? More importantly can true love survive in worldly relationships? In the following audio snippet we provide the answers to all those questions and many more…listen now!

Episode 5: Love Demystified

Love… It is but a four letter word that drives this world.
Many times, have I pondered and though upon the intricacies of love and its enigmatic nature. Love in itself is the source of much happiness in this world. However what is true love? Do we as humans even comprehend it? Better yet, can we go ahead and implement it in our lives? In the midst of the relationships that at many times feel to be mere fallacies, what indeed is true love all about. In the fifth episode of The Mysteries of Life, we look at love as it is in its purest form. Discover delight as you live in love…listen now!

Episode 4: Introspection Demystified.

Realization is a process that follows keen self-introspection. Hence today, in the fourth episode of the second season of The Mysteries of Life, we elucidate and elaborate on the concept of introspection. What is introspection? Why is it so essential on the spiritual path? How can an individual effectively introspect and analyze his own actions? What benefits do they yield him? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 3: Beyond Realization.

Throughout his spiritual journey, the seeker and the skeptic alike are faced with one question. What lies at the end of the spiritual quest? What does the seeker gain upon gaining realization? What is the final frontier in the journey of life that a spiritualist spans in this world? The aforementioned questions have varied answers. They differ according to the singular path of every individual seeker. However there is one reality, one truth and one consciousness that is common to all ends. Today we elaborate and elucidate on that one thing that lies beyond the journey of realization…listen now!

Episode 2: Self-Realization Demystified.

In the inaugural episode of the second season of The Mysteries of Life, we elaborated on the concept of realization. Today we go ahead one step and elucidate on the concept of self-realization. Self-realization is nothing but realization that comes from within. It is complete and utter awareness of the self. Self-realization is both expansive and rare. What is self-realization? How can we experience it? How can we see beyond the illusions that surround us? Listen to the following audio epistle to the find the answers…listen now!

Episode 1: “Realization Demystified”

In the inaugural episode of Season Two of The Mysteries of Life audio series, we shed light on one of the most debated topics pertaining to true spirituality. Through ages, men have talked about realization, about attaining enlightenment and spiritual knowledge. How do these three differ in their very essence? What is realization? Is it a stage of spiritual evolution ? or is it an endless process of spiritual awareness? In the first episode of this season, we make an attempt to find an answer to those questions. Stay tuned; the search for enlightenment has finally begun…listen now!

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