The Legacy

मैं कैलास का रहनेवाला हूं । मेरा नाम है शंकर॥

दुनिया को समझाने आया । करले कुछ अपना घर॥

यह दुनिया में कई रंग है । यह रंग निराला हैं ॥

पाया न भेद किसीने ।यह गहरा ही गहरा हैं ॥

मुझे वो ही जानता हैं । जो खुद को समझता हैं ॥

कुर्बानी करी भी दौलत । तो भी सवाल अधुरा हैं॥

समझे तो समझ ले । बाद मे पछताना हैं ॥

हमारा क्या बिगडता हैं । तेरा ही नुकसान हैं ॥

लिखी पत्थर की दीवारों पर । चुन्ना की लकीरें ॥

वक्त आनेपर याद होंगे । हमारे ही फव्वारे ॥

कल्पतरू सद्गुरु शंकरमहाराज ॥

Shree Shankar Maharaj follows (we prefer not to refer him in the past tense; he is very much a part of the present) in the rich imperical legacy of his predecessors when he manifested in this world to facilitate the spread of realization and enlightenment, transcending all schools of knowledge, factionalism and religion. He is an awaliya; a causal being, who is already beyond the traps of physical existence; of all physical deterioration; of life and death. Such awaliyas, far and few between are some of the most powerful individuals on the face of this earth. Immortals in the truest sense of the word, these causal beings have but one true purpose bred in their humane manifestations; to lead humanity inwards to once again reclaim the lost divinity.

The divine legacy of Shree Shankar Maharaj is depicted on the left in a picture which shows him seated with his predecessors. The saptarshis are a series of manifestations and incarnations of Lord Dattatraya that descend from the enigmatic Nath sect. The Nath sect which is a collective of such powerful and realized masters is instrumental in setting into motion events which change the history of this world. These illumined causal beings subtly control the balance of good and evil in this world whilst ensuring the continued survival of humanity.

While many people are unaware of this, but the Nath sect was instrumental in establishing all the major religions of this world.

We here at Team Silentium can only hope to do our meager bit in the grand scheme of things, as we bow in reverence before this enigmatic and mystical manifestation of power.

||सिद्धान्त अवधूत चिंतन श्रीगुरुदेवदत्त श्रीस्वामी समर्थ महाराजकी जय अनंतकोटी ब्रह्मांड-नायक राजाधिराज योगीराज कल्पतरू श्रीसद्गुरु शंकरमहाराजकी जय ||

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