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Life is a dynamic and ever changing stream of events that occur to an individual. Often in life, we see that people are reluctant to change and if they are not, then at times they are simply too eager to change. In the duality that ensues owing to the ever-changing perceptions of the seeker, he is thus unable to find true consistency in his life. At times he changes for he feels that he should change; and yet afterwards he finds that change hard to accept. Point of the matter is that we need to map our behavioral changes according to the society in which we live. Inwardly, we need to take a proper consensus, while changing our perception, so that we won’t be bogged down by the inconsistencies of life.

Everyone says that change is a wonderful thing; that change is the only thing that is constant in this world. That is indeed true. Throughout our life, we find that our relationships and the equation upon which we base our life change rapidly. This change is sometimes induced; while on other occasions, it simply occurs on its own. How quickly we adapt to the changes that take place in our life ultimately determines our rate of success. Hence the most conducive way of living would state that we as humans be open to any change that takes place in our lives.

There are also times, when we on our own accord seek a change in our life. There are times, when some events alter our perception; they alter the way in which we look at life. There are some crucial points in every man’s journey wherein he realizes that he needs to change. In such moments, the individual involved in the act of change certainly experiences varied reactions from his peers.

Change is not an easy process and getting someone to accept that change is an even harder one. Many times we feel that people around us are not welcome of the changes that we bring into our own lives. This is essentially owing to the fact that our peers are used to seeing us in a particular way. They are comfortable with our perceptions being as they are; the moment we change them, people around us know, that the change would inadvertently affect them.

Perception is also one of the reasons, why I say that change is not necessarily a good thing. Our minds are feeble entities that are incapable of showing a shred of consistency. The human mind is always prone to swaying off the course and losing its orientation. Consequently our perceptions alter with rapid frequency as we sway to our heart’s content on the pendulum of the mind. In such a scenario, we often find that change remains an integral part of our lives; we find that there is indeed no consistency within us; that there is no inner sense of resolve and determination. In such a scenario all that we are left with is a fickle mind that sways to any impulses that rise from within.

That is precisely the reason why most of us experience failure at some point in our lives. Inner perception is a very important thing. It is crucial in determining the graph of our life. The most prudent thing would indeed be that we take time to form our perceptions, but once that perception is formed; when that ideology has been created, we ensure that we follow it to completion. Only then can we hope to achieve something tangible in life.

When you imbibe such a holistic approach in life, you would indeed find that the people around you, unflinchingly place their trust in you; for they truly believe in you. They believe in your consistency and they truly feel that with that resolve and with that unshaken will, you would indeed be able to bring a wonderful change in any place that you go.

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Episode 13: “Conquer Corruption”

Today we discuss an issue that is an inherent part of all our personalities. Our mind which dictates the course of our actions is often prone to inner corruption. Corruption comes in form of unneeded desires that divert the mind and make us lose our focus. The one key to truly achieve enduring superlative success is to keep the mind away from corruption; Easier said than done…! How can we keep the mind focused? How can we ensure that it stays centered and oriented towards its true purpose? How can we conquer the corruption that lies within?

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The Human Mind

The human mind is one of the most highly regarded and misunderstood phenomena in the whole world. Every day we see thousands of people around us swear by the power that the human mind bestows upon them and the way it helps them shape their destiny, but rarely do they cognize the truth behind that simple word; rarely do people make an honest endeavor to realize the truth behind the human mind. What exactly is the human mind? Is it indeed so virtuous? The answers to those questions are hidden in the many intricate folds of human existence. Simply put the answers to those questions are hidden within the individual who asks them.

The human mind is nothing but a dissipation of energy, which takes place inside the human body. This dissipation of energy is the result of the duality that ultimately reigns supreme within every single individual on the face of this earth. People symbolize the two poles of this duality as being the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’. Through the ages, the head has been attributed the power of shrewd and calculating intellect, while the heart remains content with being attributed as emotive, caring and sacrificing. In the midst of these two metaphorical enigmas, the will of the discerning individual dies a slow death. What exactly is the human mind? The point of the question remains the same. As an individual lives through life, he realizes that he has a divided will pertaining to every single question that is asked of him. He realizes that the duality within himself endures beyond time and if he does not surpass it with the sheer force of his will, it will lead him to his doom. The duality which reigns supreme in every single human being is essentially a dissipation of energy that takes place owing to a person’s will being diverted between the instinct and the intellect. The instinct which always relates itself to the baser and more primal facet of human existence constantly relishes at the prospect of gratification. On the other hand, the intellect is an entity that is solely developed through the lessons that man learns through the many different experiences that he undergoes in this world. The intellect in turn is directed towards an entirely different motive; that of self-preservation and self-enrichment. The differences between the motives that represent the two entities of instinct and intellect are subtle; but in the end they matter a lot.

In the duality that is created within the human being owing to the difference of motive and the difference of purpose that always exists between his instinct and his intellect, he can never rise above his limitations. Consequently he always remains impaired by the many weaknesses that rise as a result of this dissipation of energy. In the turmoil that thus rages within him, man loses both the motivation and the will power to remain pro-active in this world. Thus the human mind remains the single greatest weakness of a human being that on its own accord, keeps him from achieving greatness.

A simply example of the energy dissipation that takes place on account of unneeded thoughts can be demonstrated by simply observing oneself as one progresses through the day. In time an individual will realize that his breathing rate varies with the rate at which he thinks. The more an individual thinks, the faster he breathes. This is owing to the dissipation of energy that takes place in the thoughts that emit from the human mind. The breathing rate of an individual increases in order to produce the excess energy that is needed to create those thoughts.

Thus, unneeded thoughts only end up making an individual more weak in his will as they seep away the motivational energy that is instrumental in remaining pro-active in this world. Thus the fact that any individual must always bear in mind is that he should always be a dispassionate observer of his thoughts. He should always be aware of the source from whence those thoughts spur. He should be always aware of the motivation that goes behind every single thought-thread. Through that awareness, the needless thoughts will gradually cease existing and the individual will then transgress to the stage where his mind won’t be a deterrent to a productive and creative way of life…

P.S. The human mind can be further disintegrated into various facets and entities that influence its creation; but that would be pointless in itself as it would lead you nowhere…:) That is the perpetual bane that is laid upon philosophy…lol

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