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Luck And Opportunity

There are many things that contribute to an individual’s success story. There are painstaking efforts on his own part and on the part of others who provide invaluable contributions to his making. There is the work that he does that truly sets him apart from his peers and then again there is this mysterious divine touch that just puts the individual into a completely different orbit. This divine touch is something that is entirely inexplicable; the way some things just fall into place is indeed a mystery for all. If a person but observes keenly at the occurrences in his own life, he realizes that in every single endeavor that he undertakes, there is a factor of variance; there is a factor of unpredictability. This factor is simply known as luck.

Luck is a term that is plainly overused in the current day and age. Almost all the weirdly unsatisfactory things that happen to man are blamed on luck. However if truth be told, the true nature of luck is something that eludes the most intellectually advanced individuals on the face of this earth. So what is luck and what part does it truly play in the life of an aspirant?

If truth be told, luck is nothing but variance. It is the probability that takes into account every single thing in the universe and then amalgamates it into a single unit force of influence. This force plays a major part in all the actions that are committed in the same universe; thus influencing them in many ways. All these actions in turn end up being a part of that very force, influencing the actions in another time and another place; thus the universe rolls around in this symphonic tune of melody or malady as one would have it 😉

To put the above obscure arrangement of monotony into a simple words, I would only say that there are many things that influence the occurrences in your life. You are a fool to believe that everything that happens in your life, happens due to your own virtue. If man but introspects dispassionately, he realizes that he indeed has so little control over his own life. Most of the occurrences that come to pass are governed by forces that woefully remain out of the scope of comprehension for the common man.

So in a nutshell luck is something that is based strictly upon variance. It is something that is ever-changing with every iteration. So how can an individual truly overcome it and walk the path that leads to outstanding superlative success? Surprisingly, the answer is quite simple. Luck, at the end of the day is nothing but variance; and how do you contradict variance; you contradict it with stability; you contradict it with consistency and you contradict it with diligent effort. Same is the story with contradicting the effects of bad luck as well.

An individual’s luck changes with every effort that he makes at success; hence the point to remember is that one should never stop trying. An ill bout of luck is nothing but a temporary setback for you. Don’t let it dampen your spirits; rise to the occasion and use the next opportunity to try your luck one more time. If it still fails, try another time. The law of probability dictates that the bad luck would in the end be balanced out by the good.

Hence the moral of this story is naught but this. Never stop trying and never ever quit. Success is but a function of time; with time and with persistent effort, even the worst of storms can be transformed into the most beautiful of sunsets…

Take Care and Be Well.

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Patience, Faith & Hope

I often say, that to achieve greatness you need three things; energy, perseverance and vision. All three attributes are irreplaceable and must be imbibed by any person who wishes to achieve superlatively in this world. The word ‘achievement’ has relative meanings to itself. While some may think of greatness as wealth or power, for some, even survival may seem as a great achievement. The meaning associated with any term changes according to each and every single person. Hence, here when we consider greatness, we are considering all aspects of that term; and not just one. Sure, the young village kid, who grows up to be the CEO of a multi-national company is great; but so is the dirty, ragged street-punk, who sells stolen watches to make a living. Simply put, in one case it is superlative achievement that equates with greatness; while in the latter it is simply the act of survival that we find to be truly worthy of appreciation. However in all these situations, there are three things that matter the most; three vital things that are catalysts in the road that leads to enduring and superlative success. They are energy, perseverance and vision.

Perseverance is probably the rarest of all attributes to be found in human beings. You can find many stubborn people; you may find many resilient ones; but perseverance is a whole other thing. It is the ability to hang on when the entire world including your own self is screaming at you to let go. It is the ability to keep on walking, no matter how high the odds may be stacked against you. It is the ability to stand in defiance against any and all hurdles that dare to weaken your resolve as you walk on the road that leads to your goal. In the end, it is this ceaseless perseverance that leads man to greatness; and to persevere on any road there are three things that man needs. He needs patience; he needs faith and he needs hope.

Many pseudo-intellectuals and atheists in particular would vehemently disagree with me when I say the word ‘faith’. That is inherently because they fail to understand that there indeed are forces beyond man’s control that in the end determine his destiny. The only way that man can have any say in that equation is through the sheer power of faith. Faith in itself has great power, for it can give man the motivation and the desire to walk on the hardest of all paths; it can on its own accord turn the tide in any form of struggle on part of the individual. Thus faith inherently becomes the most potent attribute in the life-journey of any individual. A man needs ‘patience’; for indeed in life, nothing happens before it is destined to happen. In the end, you just have to wait till the bus comes to you; only then can you board it. It is ceaseless patience that outlasts the test of time that leads an individual to success in his life. In this world, nothing can be acquired easily, and those who think thus are either deluded or are nothing but perpetual dreamers. You can only be successful with time, and thus when success comes your way, it is your patience that ensures that you remain in place to reap the benefits of your work. Thus at the end, we come to ‘hope’; the eternal dream wherein even the most destitute and demoralized of men can fantasize about one day becoming a king; it is hope that infuses within us the desire to achieve superlatively; it is ‘hope’ that makes us believe that indeed we as mere men can outlast the bad times; it is ultimately hope that reassures us that we indeed can attain the seemingly unattainable. It is hope that leads us to the promised lands.

In the end, perseverance is nothing but a spiked cocktail of all three; hope, patience and faith; all which endure innumerable assaults of misfortune, setbacks and miscalculations; to finally take the individual beyond the barriers of despair, regret and failure in a bid to ultimately lead him towards success; towards greatness; towards immortality… 🙂

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