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Life is a great mix-up of all things known to man; and most of the times it turns out to be the things that man doesn’t know about that end up influencing his life the most and directing his decisions towards it. Spirituality brings a man closer to realizing that unknown part of himself whilst realizing life in order to make it a more wholesome experience. In the end spirituality bridges the gap between the illusion and reality thus seeking to bridge the paradox that always exists in a man’s life. However this only happens at the end of the journey, where there remains no duality within the man himself; in the run-up to this elusive stage, a seeker is always faced with multitude questions pertaining to life and the illusions that surround him.

The spiritual journey in the end aims at bringing man out of the duality and out of the paradox that surrounds him. A paradox is nothing but a state of utter confusion wherein the seeker cannot distinguish between the illusion and reality; moreover paradox is a state of mind, wherein the seeker, having realized part of the indeterminable truth is besotted by it; whilst being in a state of utter confusion. In such a situation, it becomes hard for the seeker to truly enjoy either things; it becomes exceedingly difficult for him to truly relish the pleasures that the illusions offer as deep down he knows that these illusions are nothing but shallow dreams that would melt away once the time came; however being immersed in those illusions, the seeker cannot get a true grasp of reality; and thus he cannot completely submerse himself in the truly liberating and blissful experience of meditation.

The reason why the seeker completely loses all heading or sense of purpose in these times is that he is indeed at the crossroads of life, wherein he has seen some part of the unimaginable truth, but has not yet seen it all; and yet all through his life he has lived through the illusions of life that cling onto him thus keeping him away from realizing that truth. Thus caught in the midst of the maya and brahma, the seeker completely loses all sense of bearing and despairs. This in turn ends up making his life more and more miserable.

The thing to realize in the midst of all this confusion is indeed one principle; relativity. What the seeker doesn’t realize that as long as he lives in the midst of the illusions, he has to acknowledge them as real, for he himself is naught but an illusion. There are many layers of impregnable maya that surround the seeker; and in a way, the seeker tries to realize the brahma through the maya whilst trying to hold onto the maya itself. This inherently hampers the seeker’s progress towards liberation.

We have to realize that spirituality does not deal with absolutes. The only absolute necessity that it states is that seeker be happy unconditionally. When man reaches that stage; as in when he realizes the way to be unconditionally happy every single moment of his life, he achieves liberation; beyond that there is no brahma and no form of maya can indeed replace that triumphant moment of self-realization, which is absolute bliss.
Thus the only way to move beyond this paradox of illusion and reality is to not incessantly think about it; but to just be aware of it. Know the illusion to be but an illusion and the truth to be nothing but so. Both have their relative importance in life and beyond the paradox that lies amidst the two, lies the true destination that we are all seeking to reach; the spiritual heaven of liberation and self-realization.

Rejoice and be Complete…


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Episode 6: Relationships Demystified

In the sixth episode of The Mysteries of Life, we shed light on an important aspect of our worldly lives. We shed light on relationships and what they truly are in today’s day and age. Often it happens that we equate love with relationships or we necessarily attribute relationships to love. However is that truly the reality in our own lives? Can relationships sustain true love? More importantly can true love survive in worldly relationships? In the following audio snippet we provide the answers to all those questions and many more.

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Episode 6: “Conquer Illusions”

Perception is Reality…or is it? In this episode of the Conquer It! series we question our perceptions thus. Often we find that the greatest obstacles that stand in our way to achieve enduring success are the illusions that we bear about life. Often when we fail to get a correct overview of situations that we are in, we encounter persisting failure. Thus many times, our inability to accept reality the way it is, results in our downfall. How can we change this? How can we uplift ourselves from our deluded perceptions? How can we conquer the illusions that forever cloud our discerning intellect? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…

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“Spiritualism; The Real Deal”

Many times, we see people contemplating as to how they choose to walk the spiritual path. Many say that they prefer not to follow any realized master, but choose to indulge themselves incessantly in spiritual reading. Some also feel that listening to discourses and good thoughts can be a pre-requisite to having a realized master. Is such spiritual wealth truly potent? Can reading spiritual books or listening to spiritual dissertations truly liberate you? The master answers these questions in the following discourse.

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