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Productivity in Spirituality

The human life is a continuous struggle for enrichment. May it be personal achievement or professional success, we all in one way or the other yearn to enrich ourselves in this world. The spiritual path is a path that essentially leads the seeker to evolve through the multiple cycles of rebirth, enriching him in the process. However many people feel that the spiritual path teaches inaction. Many feel that spiritualists are nothing but perpetual losers, who turn to spirituality because they are incapable of doing anything else. This common perception is entirely in contradiction to the reality pertaining to true spirituality.

True spirituality always teaches a person new and innovative ways to continually remain pro-active in his life. A true spiritualist is always creative and productive, no matter where he goes in life. This is essentially owing to the great insight that his spiritual journey provides him into his own life. He is completely detached from all the usual disturbances and insecurities that accompany the human life; owing to the fact that he realizes the true worth of life in its entirety. Such an individual is thus completely centered and capable of completely utilizing all the resources that he has in his life. This enables him to always stay productive, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Producitivity is the single greatest trait that truly enriches and embellishes a person with all the good things in life; not just in life but in the life beyond it as well. This happens owing to the fact that it is only the pro-active person who can make the most efficient use of the resources that God gives him. The spiritual journey is not only a journey of the enrichment of the spirit; but it is also a journey that involves the complete absolution of human karma. To even facilitate such a great process of karmic dissolution, the human being himself needs to be pro-actively involved in the different facets of worldly life. Ultimately it is through his worldly persona, that his karmas are completely exhumed. To gain liberation from the worldly strife, a person has to first be a part of that worldly strife. Thus the individual is required to be pro-actively involved in life, whilst remaining completely detached from within. This stage is one that is surprisingly difficult to attain for a seeker. Even after he attains it, the seeker needs to remian in the same state for the rest of his life, pro-active detachment; what others may consider as an oxymoronic concept is a way of life for the advanced seeker.

Ultimately, one has to realize that the worth of one’s life is realized in the difference that he makes in the lives of those around him. Ultimately the true worth of a spiritualist can be gauged by the lives that are blessed through his work. For indeed that is the ultimate stage of spiritual evolution; to remain pro-actively involved in the strife of life, not for your own self; but for others. That is where true spirituality ultimately takes you. It gives an expression to your inner sense of benevolence through creativity and productivity that it instills in you…

Be creative…be productive and God shall always bless thee with his grace…

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Chapter 4: “Productivity”

The common perception of any spiritual person is that he is non-productive. This delusional perception leads people to believe that spirituality essentially turns people into non-achievers. However this is not the case. In this chapter of the Satsang series, Rutugandha recalls the day when the master spoke of the importance of productivity in the spiritual journey of any seeker. How important is it indeed to stay productive in life? How can a seeker continually make an effort to stay pro-active in life? In the following audio snippet, the master answers all these questions and more…

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