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The journey of life is often an arduous undertaking in itself. While walking on the destined path of life, often it so happens that man starts to feel as if he is all alone; walking on a broken road that indeed leads him to nowhere. Every individual at one point or the other feels sad and dejected owing to the fact that he is all alone in this world; every individual on some level feels that there should be someone with whom he can share his life; with whom he can share his world; someone special with whom he can share his joy and his sorrow.

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Loneliness often drives the best of individuals to commit the most heinous of crimes; why? For the simple reason that loneliness can indeed drive a person utterly paranoid. Man is a social animal and hence to thrive and grow in his life, he needs the company of fellow humans. Often so it happens that even in the company of friends and family, man feels the need for someone special; someone close to his heart; someone with whom he can share the most personal and intimate secrets that are known to no one else but him. In the absence of that very person, man often starts to feel that his life indeed has little meaning left to it; that even in the midst of a rollicking crowd; he is ultimately cold and lonely.

Why does this situation arise? What is it that drives a human being to search for peace and satisfaction outside the realm of his own consciousness? I stress vehemently on this question, for that dependency and the neediness in itself is highly injurious to a person’s overall growth. The fact that your happiness and your satisfaction depends on someone other than yourself is something that can prove to be highly detrimental for personal success.

I have thought long and hard on these matters and from what I derived through introspection was that every person essentially is complete within himself. If a person truly attains realization and enlightenment, he realizes that there is no one else who can be his soul mate but for his own self. Through the process of the spiritual evolution, man realizes that such attachments and illusory dependencies only end up making him vulnerable and weak. They hardly ever give him strength and resolve. As man evolves through the spiritual path, he realizes that there is indeed no such thing as loneliness. One realizes that everyone comes into this world on their own accord; and they leave it on their own. When you are born alone and when you die alone; don’t you think that god would have had the better sense to give you the capabilities to live alone?

I have often posed this question to myself in endless hours of introspection; and the answer that I received was this. Alone never means lonely; you can be alone without being lonely and you can be lonely without being all alone. Aloneness is a state of oneness; it is all-one; that is what makes up the word alone. The spiritual path in itself is a path that enriches and embellishes an individual with gifts and powers far beyond the scope of mortal men. As an individual progresses on the spiritual path; he indeed realizes that he is alone in this world, for he discovers his true nature. In that very discovery, he realizes his own soul and that realization takes him beyond all yearning and all incompleteness. That in itself symbolizes the true form of the spirit. When you are one with your soul; when your are one with yourself; being alone no longer means being lonely.

That is what true spirituality finally accomplishes. Granted that it’s a hard path in itself for it hardly provides any answers in the short haul. On the contrary it yields the seeker great pain and seeks of him great sacrifices. However one thing is for certain; the fires in which the seeker burns, only turn his spirit to gold; the trials and tribulations that a seeker faces on this path only embellish and enrich his spirit; for it is but a single step in the journey of spiritual evolution known as life…

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Physical Quotient

As you all well know, last time around we were briefly discussing on the ways in which our intelligent quotient affects our lives. Our spiritual quotient is determined three different traits; our IQ, our emotional quotient and our physical quotient. The reason why these three traits determine our spiritual growth is that in our physical existence, these things matter the most. The sharpness of our intelligence, the gravity of our emotions and the extent of our physical capacities determine our rate of success.

The reason why our physical quotient plays such a great role in our spiritual journey is owing to the fact that it is directly related to our physical bodies. The spiritual journey is a journey that takes you beyond the bonds of life and death. Man always seeks some form of salvation and some form of emancipation from this redundant and recursive way of life. But to accomplish that he has to first settle all of his karmic debts. He has to completely absolve himself from the cycle of karma, if he is to truly become free. Any individual’s karmic debts can be fulfilled only through his physical body. The physical body acts as an instrument that carries the associated karmas and desires within itself. Thus, it is of critical importance that our physical body remains in a good state as long as we live on this earth.

Physical Quotient is nothing but a person’s ability to persevere. The journey of life is much like a climbing a steep mountain. Your spiritual desire gives you the motivation to climb it all the way to the top. Your intelligence directs you in the ways in which you could make your climb easier. But if your body does not have in itself the energy to keep going, no amount of motivation or tactical precision is going to help you. You have to be physically capable of running the race till the very end. Your body must have within itself enough energy to last out the stress-filled journey.

Many times we see in this world, that people hardly treat their bodies with respect. Many people consider the physical body to be nothing but a commodity that is given to them free of any restriction. In the incessant need to satisfy their instinctive desires, people use their bodies in different ways which are completely destructive. People indulge in diverse addictions ranging from alcoholism to drugs. Most are completely unaware of the damage that these indulgences cause to their physical bodies. Ultimately their entire life becomes a vain attempt to constantly satisfy these indulgences.

The fact that we must realize is that our body is like a temple that hosts our soul. The soul bears perfect semblance to the final expression of undefined divinity that we call God. Thus, the power that rests within ourselves is indeed awesome. It is not meant to be wasted away in petty indulgences that satiate the physical hunger that our instinct induces in our hearts. It is meant for much greater things. The pathway to that phase of evolution opens up, when a seeker advances on the spiritual journey. At that point in time, he completely understands the true worth of his physical body and he treats it not like a commodity, but like a worthy instrument that would facilitate his mission. Such a person has within himself the energy and the power to surmount any and all obstacles that stand in his way. He is one who can indeed climb all the way to the top of the mountain.

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Chapter 11: “Physical Quotient”

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Our physical body represents us in our physical existence. The spiritual journey is a long and arduous one. We cannot hope to make it till the end, unless we are physically capable to do so. Our physical body has a great significance in our spiritual journey. In this penultimate episode of the Satsang series, Rutugandha recounts the day, when the master spoke of the importance of physical quotient in the overall spiritual growth of any seeker. What does physical quotient truly mean? Why is it so important to our spiritual journey? How can we increase it? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…

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