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The Politics of Love

Love; it’s a phenomena that all know of, many yearn of and yet few completely understand. Often in this world, we find that love is equated with relationships; rather in the eyes of the world, love finds consummation in a relationship. But to be truly honest with you, there is nothing as diametrically opposite to love as a relationship. They are indeed two opposite sides of the same coin. It might be hard for some to actually cognize this truth, but that is just the way life is.

We often find that the relationships, which we forge in our life; some relationships are bestowed upon us; they come to us with ties of blood. There are some relationships that are unknowingly forged as we live through our life. We find like-minded souls who share the same happiness and grief that we find in life, and hence an empathetic relationship is forged with them. We relate with each other, for we know that in many cases, we share the same burdens and derive joy from the same pleasures. These relationships are termed as friendship.

Through that relationship, many times we feel that we start to develop a genuine sense of care for our friends; that many times, we forego our own pleasures to tend to their sorrow. Many times it so happens that we might even think of their well-being above our own. That is the blossoming of love within a friendship. To be honest, love is nothing but a genuine sense of care and affection that takes you beyond your natural instincts. The natural instinct of man is to inherently be selfish in nature. Love takes man beyond that selfishness as he eventually starts to care for someone or something beyond his own self.

I have seen many relations in this world, and yet the sense of true love is something that is inexplicably hard to find in today’s day and age. Even if we take a look around us, we shall realize that there are so few individuals in this world who genuinely care beyond their own selves. In the current day and age, where relationships are invariable equated with love, we find that every individual is just engrossed in satiating his own instincts and his own needs. We, ourselves are no exception to this. Relationships spawn out of an intense yearning to acquire. Love spawns out of an intense yearning to sacrifice. Hence, in their very genesis, relationships and love are two entirely different things.

So when can an individual truly learn to love? It is simple. When can you actually give? When can you go beyond your own desires and be truly benevolent for the entire world? Only after your own desires have been satiated; and in many cases, that is the role that relationships play in the evolution of a spiritual seeker. Within conjugal relationships, you shall always find that beyond a certain point, neither the man nor the woman is ready to sacrifice; and why should they? The very purpose of the existence of a relationship is to take and not to give. That is the reason why we forge relationships. What illusions we design around it to make it appear as a monument of endless and selfless love is immaterial. They are but illusions and not reality.

The gist of this endless soliloquy is that an individual needs to evolve with the relationships in his life. In the end, owing to their very nature, a relationship will take from you as much as you take from it. But what you get and what you give away is the most important part of it. The wise take realization and give away desire; a fool takes illusions and gives away hope; the hope of evolution and the hope of enlightenment.

Choose your poison wisely…


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Episode 7: Love and God

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In the seventh episode of The Mysteries of Life, we cap off the dissertation on love and relationships by taking a deep plunge into the seas of divine romance. We often see parallels drawn between love and God. Conversely we often see God being mentioned as a hurdle in the path of love. Today we resolve that debate once and for all as we equate the two in a single simplified epistle of enlightenment. Love God and he shall love thee back. Love God and you shall have no other cares.. love god and be free…forever…

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Episode 6: Relationships Demystified

In the sixth episode of The Mysteries of Life, we shed light on an important aspect of our worldly lives. We shed light on relationships and what they truly are in today’s day and age. Often it happens that we equate love with relationships or we necessarily attribute relationships to love. However is that truly the reality in our own lives? Can relationships sustain true love? More importantly can true love survive in worldly relationships? In the following audio snippet we provide the answers to all those questions and many more.

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Episode 5: Love Demystified

Love… It is but a four letter word that drives this world.
Many times, have I pondered and though upon the intricacies of love and its enigmatic nature. Love in itself is the source of much happiness in this world. However what is true love? Do we as humans even comprehend it? Better yet, can we go ahead and implement it in our lives? In the midst of the relationships that at many times feel to be mere fallacies, what indeed is true love all about. In the fifth episode of The Mysteries of Life, we look at love as it is in its purest form. Discover delight as you live in love…

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