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Chapter 25: “A Free Mind”

In the season finale of the Guiding Lights video discourse series, the master elucidates and elaborates on the concept of a free mind. Our mind is always bound to its perceptions and notions. It is always bound to the instinct; it is always prone to the inconsistencies that set in due to emotions. In spite of all these qualms, the mind still proves to be a worthy asset in the worldly life. Consider the heights that it could reach if it were to be free of all these traits that hamper its flight. What is a free mind? How can we free the mind? In the following video discourse, the master answers all these questions and much more…see video!

Chapter 24: “The Human Mind”

The human mind is one of the most enigmatic phenomena in the world. Thorough centuries, people have tried to dissect and and decipher the many mysteries associated with the human mind. Intellectually speaking, the human mind is a great boon indeed; but speaking from the intuitive and the spiritual point of view, what problems does the human mind pose for the aspiring seeker? Is the human mind truly a boon? How can we ensure that the mind is utilized in an optimum fashion? In the following video discourse, the master answers all these questions and many more…see video!


Chapter 23: “Respect, Self-Respect & Ego”

Many times we people are confused between the concepts of respect, self-respect and ego. The line that differentiates these three is indeed pencil-thin. In life, many times the lines blur and in those times, when we are put to a hard decision, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to make the right choice. In this video discourse, the master clearly elaborates on the subtle differences between a man’s self-respect and his ego. How can we ensure that while keeping our self-respect, we do not become an ego maniac? How can we gain the respect of our peers? How can we effectively discern between respect, self-respect and ego? The answers lie herein…see video!

Chapter 22: “Love, Passion, Renunciation”

Many times, seekers on the spiritual path are confounded by the phenomenon called love. Many necessarily believe that love is an obstacle that stands between them and their spiritual aspirations. Many feel that the concept of renunciation is something that essentially goes against the concept of love. However that is not the case. In the following video discourse, the master elaborates on the aforementioned concepts, bringing to view a clearer picture pertaining to love, passion and renunciation…see video.

Chapter 21: “Love” -A Spiritual Overview

In this episode of the Guiding Lights video discourse series, the master elaborates and elucidates on the intricacies of true love. He gives a descriptive dissertation on the attributes that truly define love. What is true love? How is it devoid of any self-centered desire? How can true love be conducive to the spiritual growth of any seeker? See the following discourse to find the answers…see video.

Chapter 20: “Success and Satisfaction”

Many times in life we have to choose between success and satisfaction. Many times it so happens that we are deluded into thinking that success is synonymous with satisfaction. However as we move further ahead in life, we realize that there is indeed no limit to the magnitude of success that we can achieve. There is always something leaves us dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction ultimately leads to despair and misery. How can we avoid this? How can we ensure that we remain satisfied whilst having a pro-active approach towards life? How can we truly stay happy and contented? Listen to the following video discourse to find the answers…see video.

Chapter 19: “Thought and Action”

In the nineteenth chapter of the Guiding Lights video discourse series, the master shed light on thought and action. He elucidates and elaborates about the relevance that our thoughts should bear with our actions. In a lucid way he clearly gives a dictum for every spiritual seeker to apply in daily life. What are our thoughts? What are our actions? Why do they differ from each other? How can we pro-actively direct them to become all the more successful in life? See the following video discourse to find the answers…see video!

Chapter 18: “Theism and Atheism”

In the following video discourse Shree Milindji Moghe elucidates on the concepts of theism and atheism with respect to true spirituality. We often feel that spiritual teachings are borderline dogmatic. Many unknowingly denounce spirituality as being totally irrational. However fact of the matter is that spirituality truly strikes a fine balance between theism and atheism. Atheists often consider themselves to be staunch supporters of rational reality. Yet the fact that they fail to realize is that they too are under the same delusion as the theist. What is the way out of this duality? How can man truly find the ideal way to live? See the following video discourse to find the answers…see video.

Chapter 17: “Celibacy in Spirituality”

There is always a dilemma in the mind of the seeker when it comes to this aspect of spiritual life. There are many questions that haunt the seeker as he tries to get an accurate overview of what this path expects from him. Owing to his pre-conceived notions, he believes that celibacy is a prerequisite on the spiritual path; but still he fails to realize that there is no such hard-written edict pertaining to celibacy in spirituality. Is it truly necessary for a seeker to be a celibate in order to achieve spiritually? Can a house-holder effectively walk the spiritual path? In the following discourse Shree Milindji Moghe answers all these questions and many more…see video.

Chapter 16: “Living in the Moment”

One of the most important factors on the spiritual path is consciousness. How conscious we are of the moment that we live in makes a great difference in our lives. People often squander away the moment at hand. They always live besotted by the dreams of the future or by the memories of the past. In that ensuing turmoil, man completely loses track of the present; he completely loses the essence of the moment. This lifestyle ultimately leads to disaster. How can we truly get away from this disturbing way of life? What is the importance of living in the moment? In the following discourse, the master answers all these questions and more…see video.

Chapter 15: Faith & Superstition

In the following video epistle, we start where we last left it off. The master elucidates and elaborates on the extremely important factor of faith furhter in this video. Many times, an individual percieves faith to be superstition and at times he thinks his superstition to be faith. However there is a thin line of distinction between the two aforementioned entities? What is true faith? How can it be differentiated from superstition? How can man truly learn to trust God? Listen to the following video discourse to find the answers…see video.

Chapter 14: The Importance of Faith

Faith is one of the most important factors in the spiritual journey of any seeker. However today the word faith has been greatly degraded by terming it as superstition. The pseudo-intellectuals in their bid to prove that each and every thing lies within the scope of human intellect publicly denounce ‘faith’ at every chance that they get. However, fact of the matter is that faith is absolutely essential to accomplish any achievement in life. What does faith truly mean? What importance does it have in the life of a seeker? What is blind-faith? The master gives the answers in the following video discourse…see video

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  • By Deepak, July 25, 2011 @ 4:21 pm

    i wanted to know that in this book called The last Pilgrimage who is william and who is james. Asper one of my friend these are just pseudo names. Infact according to him Shri Milind ji is william and Mr.Ajikya is james

  • By admin, July 25, 2011 @ 6:02 pm

    hahahaha well i dont think there is anything that i can say about that.. in fact, it would be better if you yourself would read the book and find out. maybe you would find a bit of yourself in james as well. 🙂

  • By Umesh, November 14, 2011 @ 5:08 pm

    if I want to go back in that is to say 11 or 9 chapter, how i would go. there used to arrows to do that, it has gone.

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