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01-Jan-2010 23:37


Life is always meant to be a success story. No matter what a man desires, what he does, what he accomplishes, the final motive of life is to make it an event of enduring success. In his quest to obtain irrevocable success in life, man is often faced with multitude challenges. While much opposition to his strife comes from the obstacles that he faces in the world, his greatest adversary is none other than himself. Man in his bid to achieve enduring success is alway hampered by the weaknesses that he bears in his heart. The weaknesses that keep him from realizing his true potential; a catastrophe that ultimately keeps him from achieving superlative success in life.

Life is a war…and many times its a war that you wage with your own self… an endless strife to achieve perfection in life. The Conquer It! series simply gives an expression to that inner strife. This series will feature practical and frugal tips to overcome the fundamental problems that plague man. Fear, Insecurity, Depression, Laziness, Fatigue… the list is endless. Now we provide the solution to absolve it; to overcome it; to Conquer It!


Conquer It Series Finale.

This week we finally cap off the Conquer It Series with a discussion on what the human life is all about. Human beings are at the top of the evolutionary ladder; but where do we go from thereon? Where does our spiritual journey truly culminate? Through the days, we have talked about ways to achieve greatness. Today we but summarize all that we have discussed through out this series. Today we simply remember and acknowledge the entire scope of our wondrous journey as human beings…listen now!

Episode 14: Conquer Distrust

In this episode of the Conquer It series, we discuss ways in which we can overcome doubt and distrust. Trust is a very important factor on the spiritual path. It also plays a great role in any worldly achievements. Trust in nothing but unconditional faith. It is faith in its purest forms. The greatest of achievements are realized only with unshaken faith. Today we learn ways in which we can preserve this genuine attribute in our heart. Today we learn as to why trust is imperative on the path that leads to success. Today we conquer the doubt that lingers within our hearts…listen now!

Episode 13: Conquer Corruption

Today we discuss an issue that is an inherent part of all our personalities. Our mind which dictates the course of our actions is often prone to inner corruption. Corruption comes in form of unneeded desires that divert the mind and make us lose our focus. The one key to truly achieve enduring superlative success is to keep the mind away from corruption; Easier said than done…! How can we keep the mind focused? How can we ensure that it stays centered and oriented towards its true purpose? How can we conquer the corruption that lies within?…listen now!

Episode 12: “Conquer Temptations”

Temptations are momentary impulses that arise from human instincts. They are indeed so overbearing that engulfed in their midst, man can indeed think of nothing else. Temptations often lead to the ultimate downfall of any human being. The reason being that they are nothing but instinctive impulses and to satiate those impulses, man foregos all bonds of friendship and brotherhood. Throughout history great men have fallen to the traps of temptations. How can we ensure that we remain free from them? How can we ensure that we can achieve enduring superlative success? How can we conquer our temptations?…listen now!

Episode 11: “Conquer Mediocrity”

Mediocrity is the single greatest threat to achieving success. Mediocrity is entirely comprised of instinctive impulses which are drawn from baser desires. A mediocre person can hardly ever think out of the box; hence achieving enduring superlative success always remains beyond his scope. We are always prone to succumb to mediocre desires because they demand negligible efforts on our part…listen now!

Episode 10: “Conquer Complacency”

In our quest to achieve enduring superlative success, we often find that at times we don’t really feel motivated to do our best. Many times, we simply feel that we would be better off living a sedentary lifestyle. The reason behind this deceptive sense of satisfaction is complacency. Many times, we feel contented and satisfied despite under-performing in a given situation. This essentially happens owing to the fact that we are completely unaware of our true capabilities. Hence complacency in a way truly keeps us from realizing our true potential. How can we overcome it? How can we ensure enduring superlative success? How can we conquer complacency? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 9: “Conquer Depression”

Many times, human existence is characterized by the pitfalls and quagmires that it presents to the individual. Many times it so happens that engulfed in the sorrow derived from recurrent failures, the individual finds no hope of salvation. This essentially leads to a depressive state of mind, wherein the individual concerned becomes engulfed in negativity. Depression can never achieve anything. It can only lead us to death and destruction. How can we overcome this depression? How can we truly rise above it? How can we conquer it? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now.

Episode 8: “Conquer Fatigue”
Often in life we find that we are just unable to attain our goals and fulfill our dreams. Many times, we just dont find the energy to keep going against the tide. Many times our resolve fails us as we falter in our quest to achieve enduring superlative success. This is essentially owing to the fact that we are tired. As we life through the rat-race of life, we often feel at a loss of energy and stamina. Often the work-load and the irrational deadlines take an adverse toll on our health. Consequently we are unable to perform at an optimum level of productivity. We simply can’t enjoy what we do. How can we truly overcome this setback? How can we truly be rejuvenated? How can we truly conquer fatigue?…listen now!

Episode 7: “Conquer Laziness”
In this part of the Conquer It series, we discuss different ways through which we can conquer laziness. Many times we are ever unaware of the fact that we are indeed being lazy while dispensing some of our duties. We never understand the fact that we indeed lose upon many opportunities in life owing to our laziness. Often we disregard our laziness to be a nominal vice; and not something that necessarily affects our quest for success in an adverse way. It is only later that we realize the gravity of the situation. How can we conquer laziness? How can we ensure continued productivity? How can we truly achieve enduring success? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 6: “Conquer Illusions”
Perception is Reality…or is it? In this episode of the Conquer It! series we question our perceptions thus. Often we find that the greatest obstacles that stand in our way to achieve enduring success are the illusions that we bear about life. Often when we fail to get a correct overview of situations that we are in, we encounter persisting failure. Thus many times, our inability to accept reality the way it is, results in our downfall. How can we change this? How can we uplift ourselves from our deluded perceptions? How can we conquer the illusions that forever cloud our discerning intellect? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 5: “Conquer Doubt”
Doubt essentially arises owing to a lack of faith on part of the individual. When the individual starts doubting his own heart, it necessarily spells doom for his quest to achieve superlative success. One can only succeed in life if he truly believes in himself. We as individuals have to realize that there is nothing that can be accomplished without faith. Yet as we live through our lives, at times we are forced to doubt ourselves and then God in turn. We are compelled by circumstances to incessantly question our own capabilities. At times this leads us to have a pessimistic attitude towards life. How can we truly rise above that pessimism? How can we truly overcome our insecurity? How can we truly conquer our doubts? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now

Episode 4: “Conquer Anxiety”
Anxiety is defined as a perpetual state of worry and nervousness. Many times in life, we get anxious for no particular reason at all. We fail to realize the fact that our anxiousness is only because of our heightened sentiment of fear and insecurity. Anxiety does not resolve anything. You can be as anxious as you want to be, but your sentiments won’t have any effect on the results. Yet anxiety is an undesirable trait, because when we become anxious we start becoming pessimist and we lose all hope and faith. Thus we fall into an endless stream of depression. How can we truly overcome this weakness? How can we truly rise from our perpetual state of nervousness? How can we truly conquer anxiety? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!


Episode 3: “Conquer Adversity”
Adversity is a state of misfortune or affliction. In life, we are often faced with situations, wherein we truly believe that we can never ever win through. At times life takes us through a series of unfortunate events that we think inevitably end in disaster. At times we lamen our misofortune and times we curse our fates; yet we fail to realize that we have within ourselves, the power to conquer that adversity. We have within ourselves the courage to break any and all barriers that stand in the midst. How can we accomplish that? How can we truly conquer adversity? How can we win through in this war of life? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 2: “Conquer Fear”

Fear is the primary adversary in any war. If at the onset of the war an individual is afraid of his enemy, he can never win the war. Thus in the war to conquer our own weaknesses, we must inherently shed the fear of the same. Fear induces frailty and frailty ensures failure…and in the war of life, failure is not an option. How can we truly surmount our fears? How can we truly show courage in the face of impending doom? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…listen now!

Episode 1: The Onset

In the maiden episode of the Conquer It series, we give a brief overview of what the series is all about. The oft-used cliché that life is a war finds a whole new meaning in this series of audio epistles. YES! Life indeed is a war, but most of the times, it is war that you wage against your own weaknesses; for in the end, your weaknesses keep you from achieving superlatively in all walks of life. How can one truly surmount these undesirable factors? How can one truly conquer his weaknesses? Listen to the following audio epistle to find the answer…listen now!

Illustrations: Radha, Boris, Jinx

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