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Fear and Insecurity

Life is all about achieving your dreams and fulfilling your aspirations. Indeed every man in this world survives owing to his unfulfilled aspirations and hence every single act of existence is sub-consciously directed towards fulfilling them. God has indeed ordained man with capabilities far beyond his wildest dreams. It is indeed true that each and every single human being on the face of this earth has the ability to reach out for the stars and fulfill his aspirations. The only thing that truly stops him from achieving greatness is his stunted hunger or his fear of failure.

Fear is indeed the reason why most of us fail to achieve that which we desire. Fear arises from our insecurities which in turn arise from our attachments. The sentiments that we bear for our belongings at times impair us in truly reaching out and grabbing an opportunity to convert it into success. Insecurity is something that is part of who we are. We are insecure since birth for we always fear to lose that which we have; however the one thing that we truly fail to realize is this; it’s only after we lose that which we have, would we be truly ready to acquire that which we are destined for. It’s that simple; you cannot fill a glass that is already full; you have to empty it first; only then can you fill it with something else. How you empty it is entirely up to you.

However man on his own accord never realizes this fact; for he is inherently taught to hold on to things; to cling to them; to attach his sentiments and his emotions to the most dysfunctional of aspects that form a part of his life. This is also something that is instinctive; take a baby for instance; once a kid gets a toy in his hand, he would never appreciate someone taking it away; of course in due time he will himself get bored of it and let go; but he would never like someone else to willfully take it away from him before he is through with it. Our attachments to life are much the same. We are always afraid that life on its own accord would take something away from us; and yet we do not know that we ourselves would one day let go of it. This understanding and this realization is indeed deep and is the beginning towards the transformation that leads to fearlessness.

Fearlessness is not lack of caution. It is a lack of insecurity. It is confidence that radiates from your soul and drives away all the impediments in your path. Caution is different in every aspect from insecurity. Insecurity is an illusion; caution is an exercise in mindful action. In the end, man has to realize that if he is to truly achieve something that people consider to be entirely beyond his grasp, he has to be fearless in life. Life is much like a gamble; however it’s not entirely a game of pure chance. It’s a game that is to be played with great patience and willful determination. All you have to do is bid your time, until your chances look up; and then you have to force yourself through with brute aggression backed with fearlessness and indomitable self-belief; then and only then will success be yours.

In the end a person has to realize that fear in the end will lead him nowhere. The things that are to come his way will come his way no matter how fearful he is. However the fearlessness that induces in him the confidence and self-belief to win; in the end makes the difference in the entire battle. Fear in the end will only impair you; the fact that you are fearful of someone does not mean that he won’t punch your lights out. Be fearless and confident; at times you might even get your butt kicked for it; but the same attitude would definitely make you a winner in the long term.

Cheers 🙂

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Episode 2: “Conquer Fear”

Fear is the primary adversary in any war. If at the onset of the war an individual is afraid of his enemy, he can never win the war. Thus in the war to conquer our own weaknesses, we must inherently shed the fear of the same. Fear induces frailty and frailty ensures failure…and in the war of life, failure is not an option. How can we truly surmount our fears? How can we truly show courage in the face of impending doom? Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answers…

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