The Throne of Might

Many times it so happens that even after receiving true knowledge and the correct perspective about life, an individual wavers from his pre-destined path. At times it so happens that there arises a shadow of doubt in the mind of the aspiring seeker; and that shadow effectively threatens to destroy his entire spiritual life. This shadow of desire seldom comes in the form of temptation and drives away all focus from the individual’s life. However it is only the master who can truly bring the seeker out from this despairing madness and show him the light and in essence the true essence of life. This is one of those times…:) Enjoy.

The art of life is to fly as a bird,
in a single gesture encompass the world
meant not is life to be lived in a cage,
of your own desires that hardly ever age.

The expanse of your leap, uncharted would be,
the day you shall know what sleeps in thee,
the dreams of your past shall no longer be,
nightmares that you despairingly see.

Awaken o long lost soul of yore,
its time for thee to come to the fore.
and claim this body for yours to be,
lest ravaged to death thou prefer to see.

In the darkness of death i sought,
a long lost dream of which dreams are wrought,
in that darkness i found much pain,
but life it was that taught this gain.

In that darkness so deep so true,
i found myself being born anew,
through my heart a bright light now shines,
guiding my ways to the fateful lines.

Earned i have what once was gifted,
to me but by chance of own had drifted,
to shallow seas and darker lands,
where the angel of death stood with open hands.

The angel who would kiss me and in a single day,
vanquish all of my dreams, silently if it may,
but salvation sought me in the deepest of embrace,
and brought me fore to see my own face.

The man that was born to rule these lands,
bids his time for the moment now stands,
when ascend he shall to the throne of might,
that was carved through the enduring lightless night.

No more do i ask of the dreams to die away,
for within me there shines a light with no sway,
in that light i bask with glory found anew,
as in the starlit nights the mighty eagle now flew…

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  • By medha, November 29, 2010 @ 11:41 am

    Too good!would like to read such insightful poems more often.

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