Wrought Of Birth

There are many qualities, instincts and desires that are indeed inbred in a human being. Man, being a social animal is thus subject to the same weaknesses designed by nature. However man’s natural capacities empower him to rise above this weakness and truly make something worthwhile out of his life. However these very weaknesses that are inherently a part of his human constitution pose a great threat to his rise to greatness. The poet in the following words, appropriately expresses this situation and prays for the promised deliverance.

At times to me in deep thought it seems
a thought often thought of in bygone dreams
a dream often dreamt of in the days passed by
to renew the days when time flew by

The flight of time in those days of yore,
when wealth was scanty but might more,
was the true wealth gifted to this heart so gay,
O god bring back to me that long lost day.

Lost in the shady woods so dark,
t’was the day, in times when i sang like a lark,
a song so gay that it wrote itself,
through meaningful lines that read themselves.

The meaning of life in those lines was clear,
a message so dark yet to me t’was dear,
even darkness wept in the light of that altar,
and all that light could hardly ever falter.

Faltere’d though in time, my spirit so weak,
that it brought me to my knees to endlessly weep
and seek of my fortunes that answers anew,
answers that would drive the dreams askew.

Dreams though i call them, nightmares they were,
and the pots of misery, i mightly stir’d
to make myself a potion that would finally bear,
me far away from thee and thy deathly snare.

However in that toil of the earthly rote,
i found in myself a gift of yore,
that granted to me was by the father so great,
that in its memory, no longer i wept.

A day then came, when realization dawned,
on me so bright, that in its light i fawned.
in that light itself i found all that i lost,
in the dreams of yore that bit like the frost.

with the light in my eyes and the song in my ears,
i trudged down the road that led far from my peers,
to lands where there were no mortal men,
for gods were shaped in this land beyond the glen.

In the image of god was man once wrought,
in the image of man was desire thus taught,
in the peril of desire was man thus lost,
and with that loss thus destiny was wrought.

However this day had dawned with new lore,
for man in his desire, would falter no more,
in the eyes of his father and the heavens above,
for the man in his heart now bore no love.

No love for his misery that taught him the worth,
of life and the mystery of his virgin birth,
anew that had sprung from the shadows of the past,
in this life of his, light alone shall last.

Saying thus i saw beyond the darkened skies,
to the day that i once thought was lost beyond eyes.
yet with every breath of mine a new truth i realized,
that the day was mine to live, again i surmised.

The day of joy, when the darkness was banished,
the day of mirth, when the shadows had vanished,
the day i realized that life was worth,
truly more than the desires wrought of birth…

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  • By medha, December 5, 2010 @ 11:40 am

    A very inspiring poem,full of light & hope!Thank you ADMIN for this beautiful poem.

  • By manjusha, December 8, 2010 @ 4:10 pm

    khup chhan kavita.

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