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The Prisoner Of Choice Author Review(2)

Reflections of the Author Part 2

In this conclusive part of “The Prisoner of Choice”, the author elaborates on some of the key points that led to the ideation of the journey of St. Ramus. The purpose of this endeavor was to simply inspire the listener to try and rise above the human weaknesses and aspire to a greater sense of existence; a greater sense of purpose. Hence in the conclusive part of this audio-book series, the author puts the final pieces of the puzzle into place to bring us to the final realization as it was intended. Listen, derive, inculcate and enjoy…:)

The Prisoner Of Choice Author Review(1)

Reflections of the Author Part 1

In this author review, the writer of “The Prisoner of Choice” audio-book series gives his views on the subject at hand. The main motivation to write this inspiring account of the struggle of one man against himself was indeed to inspire others to find within themselves the same strength; the strength to rise above the human weaknesses of despair, regret, doubt and despondency…

Coming Soon; Reflections of the Author on “The Prisoner of Choice” audio-book Part 2. Stay Tuned
The Prisoner of Choice audio-book series is produced by Silentium Productions Pvt. Ltd.

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