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Countering Stress and Boredom

The worldly life is a journey that is essentially characterized by its monotony. In the mundane world, we see that there are hardly any new vistas of opportunity and creativity for the individual to indulge in. Often we see that the human life ends up being naught but a recursive journey in itself. The human life gets slowly institutionalized and boxed in as man starts to look at life simply in the terms of weekdays and weekends. He work hard all the week just to get a few moments of respite and enjoyment in the weekends. This completely expunges any creativity that he has within himself; he loses the ability to re-invent himself; and consequently he starts to lose all joy in his life.

The aforementioned characteristics are classical symptoms of boredom. Boredom typically sets in owing to the overbearing monotony of the mundane world. Many times, when an individual is made to the same work much like a government mule, he truly feels that he is under-achieving not as a professional, but as an individual. We all yearn happiness and joy in our lives. Sadly, our jobs and our lifestyle is not equipped to provide us with the same; add to that the mounting stress-levels at the workplace and you have got yourself a real mess at your hands. So how can an individual get out of this stress-inducing lifestyle that instills naught but boredom in his heart?

The point that the individual has to realize over here is that he essentially needs to find new ways to reinvent himself. Our spirit expresses through ceativity; and when it is unable to find this expression in the workplace, it is reduced to shambles. Thus the essential thing to note is that an individual must always find new and innovative ways to stay creative in life; not for the sake of others, but simply for his own sake. The new-found creative expression would surely inject him with great joy and enthusiasm to go through life with a renewed sense of pleasure. When you find something of your own to indulge in, you won’t seek creative expression in the workplace; for that is essentially what most of us do. We seek a creative outlet in the workplace; and when we fail to get one, we get despondent and dejected. However the fact of the matter is that the workplace is not meant to give you a creative expression. Your work is simply a means of your livelyhood. Realize that and you will automatically start to look at it from a different perspective. Find a creative pursuit and then you will surely marvel at the wonders that it weaves in your lifestyle.

Write; Sing; Dance. Give an expression to your inner turmoil. Whenever you feel that the inner voice is raging against the prevailing circumstances, vent it out on a piece of paper. It will not only result in pacifying your sentiments, but it would also give you another perspective to look at yourself. Then afterwards when you would read, you would surely laugh at it. With time, this practice would ensure that you won’t have any undesirable undertones of dissatisfaction within yourself. You would be clean and fresh like the morning dew, ready to spring forth into each day with bounding joy in your heart…

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Chapter 5: “Stress & Boredom”

In today’s world when an individual hardly gets any time for recreation and rejuvenation, stress and boredom pose a great problem. In this chapter Rutugandha recounts the day when the master spoke of worldly stress and ways to overcome boredom. What is boredom? Why does it set it? How can one truly overcome it?
Listen to the following audio snippet to find the answer…

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The Inner Self

Man is necessarily a complex entity with multiple layers to his identity. As man lives through in this world, he accumulates a different identitiy for himself. He no longer remains the same person that he once was. This is necessarily owing to the fact that the worldly strife completely transforms an individual. It renders him into an entity that is completely suited for the worldly needs; whilst erasing the original identity with which he came into this world. Thus we often see that whenever we meet anyone after a lapse of many years, we find that the person has indeed changed so remarkably that he no longer resembles the individual that he once was. This is essentially owing to the fact that the human being evolves with his surroundings and adapts to the ever-changing world outside.

Evolution, even though a relative term in itself is defined precisely. Evolution is a journey of self-enrichment; it is a journey of progress. Progress is once again a relative term. What I may term as progress might not sound so great to another person; for ever person values different kinds of achievements. The worldly strife is but a means to turn some of our dreams into reality. However in this process of apparent progress; in this process of self-enrichment, many times it occurs to us that we indeed forget our true identities in the pursuit of new ones. We forget who we truly are as we go on incessantly seeking more and more. In a bid to find the perfect way of living in this world, we forget that within ourselves, our spirit dies a silent death.

The world is essentially a hostile place. It is a place where every decision is taken based on shrewd intellect. It is a place that demands you to be as hostile as itself; for in order to survive in the jungle, you have to be an animal. Thus man is slowly transformed into a ruthless, self-centered beast; and the noble and benevolent spirit, which once rested in regality within, now finds itself to be a prisoner of greed and lust. Thus man on his own accord kills the noble child that resides within him; to surivive in the world outside; he voluntarily murders the innocence within himself as he prepares a new identity to help him survive the worldly strife.

However, the key factor that man overlooks is the fact that the worldly identity cannot provide him with any peace and satisfaction; for inherently it is a personality that is based upon incessant desire, greed and self-centered aspirations. Thus the derived personality in itself has subtle undertones of perpetual dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is a desirable aspect in worldly life, for it enable a person to go ahead and strive for excellence. Yet when the moment comes to finally sit back and enjoy the benefits of the hard labor that the individual accomplished through the years, he can hardly do so. The derived worldly persona does not know what it means to be at peace; for it is always at war in the world outside. Thus the individual himself can get little satisfaction even after working his whole life to gain the comforts and luxuries that he so desired. In the end, the individual realizes that he was much happy when he had none of those luxuries; atleast at that point in time, he had himself; he had his spirit; he could experience the joy of the simple things in life;

Thus the point of the matter remains, that even though the world expects you to be someone else, never forget who you truly are. For in the end, that inner self is going to be your lasting mate in this journey of life…

Illustration: “Grainne Dreaming” – John Moore
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