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Shree Shankar Maharaj is a divine manifestation of Lord Dattatreya. He attained mahasamadhi on 28 April 1947. He is an illumined master who descended on earth in the form of a causal body to further the cause of realization and enlightenment in this wretched world. Very few people truly know or cognize the scope of his work for he often worked in solitude, silently influencing the history of the world. Many of his closest disciples have documented their stories which clearly corroborate to the fact that this great illumined master was certainly beyond the clutches of life or death. Even after his mahasamadhi, many of his closest disciples continue to feel his divine presence amongst them. He was an enigma that all saw, many worshiped, few followed and none understood. To this day, his work endures beyond the scope of cognizance of mere humans, as he continues to influence the many forces that drive the great cosmic dream. These epistles of enlightenment are a directive from this great master…


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Mr. Milind Moghe has been a pioneer in the field of spiritual research for many years now. Widely acclaimed as an authoritative figure in the fields of spirituality, meta-physics and astrology, this Samaritan dispenses his consults from his holy seat in the city of Pune. He has been undertaking this charitable endeavor for the last twenty years, wherein he has resolved and absolved the qualms of all who have thronged to him, seeking a moment of peace in this wretched world. He truly believes in the philosophy that creativity and productivity ultimately contribute to overall spiritual growth. The consults and discourses dispensed by this illumined master clearly elucidate on spirituality in a way that it could be practiced in this worldly life. He infuses us and all around him with an insurmountable sentiment of zest and vigor to ceaselessly contribute our efforts towards this divine endeavor.

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    even i would luv to get d biography of shri milindji moghe preferably in marathi.

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