Change, Consistency & Success

In life, many times we feel that change is the catalyst in our journey towards success. We often feel and experience that great success can only be reaped if the individual in question is willing to change and adapt to his surroundings more fluidly than others. Success ultimately depends on your ability to mould yourself to your surroundings and work with what you have to achieve maximum results. Often we see that with such a wholesome attitude towards life, through creative changes or transitions that occur in an individual’s life, he is able to reap great success.

However the key to enduring success comes after achieving some form of success to begin with. Often the worst challenge that an individual is faced with in his bid to achieve enduring superlative success is his own inconsistency. Our inconsistencies arise from our inability to adapt with our surroundings. They arise due to our innate nature wherein our attention span towards any kind of task is too limited in both scope and magnitude. The sheer monotony of life, coupled with the natural escapist tendency of any human being always leads to a great deal of inconsistency in his thoughts and actions. This in turn greatly reduces his dependability thus affecting the overall perception that he has in the society.

Success is widely looked on and perceived to be a function of time and consistency. You are more likely to be successful at any venture, if you consistently work at it through a period of time. This is common knowledge that working hard at anything produces consistently good results over time; but most of the times, the problem occurs when we try and apply the same principle to our own lives.

Close self-introspection often reveals that the root cause for any decision often lies in our impatience and unwillingness to cope with any situation. When any situation becomes unfavorable or in a mild sense of the term ‘hostile’ , we immediately try and find ways to work around it; if eventually we are not able to find sustainable solution or workaround to the same, we simply try and change the situation using any and all efforts; in the process losing our dispassionate sense of judgment, which further leads us to grief and turmoil.

The point of the matter is to state that change should never be a result of our incapability to adapt; this is inherently owing to the fact that even if we change our perceptions and realign our choices just because we are unable to deal with the previous change that we made, that change is in turn more likely to lead to further inconsistencies within us; thus greatly reducing our probability of achieving enduring superlative success.

The point is simple indeed; in the race of life; or in the spiritual journey of the soul, it does not matter how hard you run; it does not matter how fast you run; what matters is how long you run. Ultimately Enduring consistency in an environment where change is a routine occurrence ends up yielding you immeasurable success in life.

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  • By medha, July 26, 2011 @ 1:30 pm

    Today’s quote is really fabulous.Every word from it is true!!!!The article is too good and one can quickly relate with it.

  • By Umesh, August 3, 2011 @ 11:19 pm

    excellent article. it a common situaiton we all go through. How to change it. Is self awareness is only solution, body will change on its own. i.e the person need to aware that he passing through this phase and body will find own solution.

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