A Spiritual Revolution

Change is the law of life. There are very few things in this universe that are not subject to constant change; and the very fact that change is perennial is perhaps one of the few unchanged facts of the universe. Although change and transformation are common aspects of day to day life, it is very important to cognize the harbingers of change. Even though we may consider change to be an obvious part of our life, most of us are averse to it and actively resist it, for the possibility of change brings with itself multiple insecurities as we struggle to understand the aspects of our life that would change and strive to keep certain aspects of it unchanged. In such a scenario to embrace change often proves to be difficult. A step beyond embracing change is to actually be the harbinger of change; to bring around the revolution that changes not only your life but the lives of millions around you. To be the harbinger of such a transformation is no mean feat; but it definitely is something that a spiritually centered person would be capable of.

Spirituality is often considered in the same light as religion, with many people professing that being spiritual is indeed a progression of being religious. However if we delve further into the subject we realize that religion itself is hardly transformative. On the contrary, most if not all worldly religions strive to be conservative in terms of what they profess & what they promise. Hence if being spiritual is simply an extension or a progression of being religious, won’t the spiritualist also come from the same conservative roots as the religiously inclined society? Its a very tricky conundrum indeed and one that needs deep thought.

What one needs to understand in this context is that even though your religion may ultimately lead you to catch a glimpse of the divine realms that lie within you, to eventually get to the promised lands and to remain centered in the divine existence that you only catch glimpses of, one would indeed need to break through the religious and social mould that one is carved in and truly be liberated. Such transformative action is not easy to bring about. As always there is a strong resistance to change not just from the society or the ones around you, but from your own consciousness. When you start questioning the very foundations on which your beliefs rest; when you start contesting the battles between what your heart feels is right and what religion and society preaches to you; when you start propagating this transformative thought to those around you, the resistance that you would face would indeed be mind-boggling.

However the key here is to understand that you are following in the paths of people no less than those who have created these worldly religions. Spiritual masters like Shri Krushna, Moses, Jesus & Mohammed for that matter were people who broke the mould when they set out to accomplish their other-worldly goals. They were the original spiritual revolutionaries who left behind them a legacy for billions to follow. A legacy that has got tarnished, dated and redundant only owing to the fact that we as fellow human beings did nothing transformative to build upon it. A thought, no matter how powerful eventually becomes prone to extinction if it is not expanded upon; and we do see instances of the same in our day to day life as we understand that these great legacies or social constructs or religions as we now call them slowly start to lose their relevance as with every passing day, they start appearing more dogmatic, restrictive & static.

What is needed in the current day and age is a spiritual revolution that reinvents these constructs and re-invigorates their followers to not only uncover new pathways that lead to the light but also to renew & replenish the hearts and souls of the innumerable seekers that know not what they seek, but seek with all their hearts.

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