In today’s material world, it seems that people have forgotten about the spiritual world while chasing the various goals in the material world, just to prove that they are capable and not lagging behind. People have forgotten that the fulfillment of human life is in the union with the divine. A seeker on the spiritual path sees the world in a different way. The spiritual world is totally different and you have to experience the things to know them. This gives you immense pleasure that surpasses the trivial joys of this material world. Normally you can’t describe your experience in words as they are beyond that. But in these poems, I truly feel that the poet has found the pulse of a seeker & has given us a glimpse of the beautiful spiritual world. The poems come with a flow touching your heart as he narrates the difference between both the worlds. One also has an idea about the very important role a Guru plays in a seekers journey…

Poems induce the seeker to think and spark off the process of self-introspection in any individual. Hence these poems are incredibly effective in relating to the individual the gist behind his own destiny… 🙂



1. The Hall

This poem deeply reflects on the tendency that every human being has towards finding a fulfilling factor in his life. As we live this life, we always feel a constant need for an obsession, a possession around which we can shape and style our life. In our heart we always yearn for an image that we could cherish and love forever. Still at some point in our life, we find out that we can never satisfy our heart and its endless thirst through these illusions… read more

2. The springs are not mine

There are days in our lives when we feel the utter temporarity of the joys and sorrows that we live in. We ever lead our life in pursuit of material happiness, and when we find it we realize that it is indeed very short lived. As does the poet in these lines discover the sheer worthlessness of the materialistic pursuits of life. As he turns his attention inwards and sets out in the pursuit of never-ending ecstatic bliss… read more

3. Life, a dream

The life that we lead on this earth is just a dream that we are living subconsciously. The aforesaid line is the underlying principle on which the entire cosmic dream rests. We live through the dream and we dream on of great achievements, materialistic pleasures, sense indulgements and more. These all contribute to our karma and result in the never ending cycle of death and rebirth… read more

4. The Endless Road

The various journeys that man takes up in his life often lead him someplace that he never meant to go. The ways and means he uses to achieve his ends are not always in accordance to his principles. But still man powers through life thinking that the only way he can get through it is by winning at each and every chance. But still through all this, the one thing he does not comprehend is what it costs to himself. What he gains when he loses his satisfaction?… read more

5. The Journey

The journey of life that man leads through is a journey of unceasing interrogation on his part. To all the questions that arise in his mind about his fortunes and his conditions, he looks outwards for the answers. He blames the people around him when he is unsatisfied and angry. He feels that the entire cosmos is hell bent to destroy him. But when he turns his attention inwards, he recognizes that he himself is the root of all his problems and all his queries… read more

6. In lieu of prospice

As we live our day to day lives, the general tendency of man is to always look ahead towards opportunities that he can use to his profit. Though this is advisable to some extent, the thing that man does not realize is that ultimately in lieu of prospice he is losing the one thing, the absence of which is the root cause of desire, and that is peace. Man today is missing peace and satisfaction in his life. In order to run after bigger and better things in the future, he is totally spoiling his present… read more

7. Beauty

Beauty.. This very single word brings into our mind a myriad of visuals. But through all of the impressions of beauty, none can define it. That’s what comprises the theme of this poem. Beauty is nothing but the truth behind the entire cosmic dream that we are all a part of. Beauty is nothing but the super soul or the cosmic consciousness that every devotee aspires to in deep meditation. Beauty is nothing but the cosmic will of His ideas that holds the entire cosmos together. Beauty is nothing but the divine truth that is superfluous and deathless… read more

8. The Meadow

The following poem describes very appropriately the condition of the devotee who has walked a certain distance on the path that leads to self-realization. The individual who has finally risen above the gross and mundane realms of the physical world and has now started to appreciate the nuances of the much finer and subtle astral world. The individual for whom one of the three veils (the physical, astral and causal body have been referred to as veils)as been lifted and thus he is able to perceive the light and truth clearer than ever…read more

9. Pond, River, Ocean

The poet in the following verses has tried to describe the different stages of spiritual development of the aspiring soul. The habits and tendencies of the individual are appropriately depicted as three water bodies through varied stages of progression. Most of us live their life like a pond, unmoving, murky and unchanging with no spark of brilliance within… read more

10. The Pendulumn

Man in this world seldom lives in the present. Ever our thoughts stray to the past or the future. We visualize great dreams as we think of that which, as of yet, has not come to pass. Similarly we also think of the past, and the blows that time dealt us. Ever we wallow in old memories relishing or despising them as per our convenience. We never let go of the past or the future. In this paradox, the time that we live in, the only moment in which we truly exist, our present, is lost to us… read more

11. Emotions

The poet in the following lines metaphorically equates emotions with the waves of the Ocean. Emotions in our life hold the highest regard. We are always intent on giving our emotions undue importance and consequently the results reflect in the way we react to different situations. In our lives, we think that emotions are of utmost importance, and in that same delusion, we fail to regard any situation dispassionately and appropriately… read more

12. The Mask

People in this world have a general tendency to act out and showcase an image that completely differs from their true existence. Though it is advisable to a certain extent, the problems arise when people get attached to these self-projections and forget who they truly are. This s the underlying principal that the poet stresses on in the following verses. In this treacherous and wretched world, it is often necessary to wear a mask to achieve certain ends… read more

13. The Throne of Might

Many times it so happens that even after receiving true knowledge and the correct perspective about life, an individual wavers from his pre-destined path. At times it so happens that there arises a shadow of doubt in the mind of the aspiring seeker; and that shadow effectively threatens to destroy his entire spiritual life. This shadow of desire seldom comes in the form of temptation and drives away all focus from the individual’s life. However it is only the master who can truly bring the seeker out from this despairing madness and show him the light and in essence the true essence of life. This is one of those times…:) Enjoy…read more.

14. Wrought Of Birth

There are many qualities, instincts and desires that are indeed inbred in a human being. Man, being a social animal is thus subject to the same weaknesses designed by nature. However man’s natural capacities empower him to rise above this weakness and truly make something worthwhile out of his life. However these very weaknesses that are inherently a part of his human constitution pose a great threat to his rise to greatness. The poet in the following words, appropriately expresses this situation and prays for the promised deliverance…read more.

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  • By vprutugandha, October 15, 2009 @ 3:35 pm

    Reading the above poems, I would like to dedicate my first blog on this site in praise of my beloved maharaj, in native language

    ” Vishal bhaal, nayan tej, mukhkamal manohar,
    Kural kesh, abhay kar, charan yugul sunder,
    Pawan kare tan-man, jan-jan ko jaise gangasagar,
    Bhavtap haro he, anandaghan, dayasagar….

    – rutugandha

  • By admin, October 15, 2009 @ 3:45 pm

    nice one! 🙂

  • By preeti, January 10, 2010 @ 3:51 pm

    fantastic! easily narreted fact of life.

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