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Chapter 13. “The Law Of Karma”

On the last day of the year, the revered master gives an elaborative rendition on the Law of Karma.The theory that states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In the following epistle Shree Milindji Moghe elucidates about the nuances of the karmic law citing a few examples. How can man truly be aware of the effects that his actions have on his destiny? How can man pro-actively make a difference in his life through the law of karma? The following video epistle answers those questions and many more. Let the following year be one that presents all of us with infinite opportunities to further progress on lofty quest…see video.


Chapter 12. “Food for Thought”

The spiritual quest is a journey that necessarily deals with the soul. Yet the fact remains that in this mortal world, our soul is identified by the physical body that we bear. Hence all spiritual processes are executed through that body. In this twelfth chapter of the “Guiding Lights” video discourse series, the master sheds light on certain myths that surround food and spirituality. He elucidates on the concept of fasting and further expands upon the discussion by giving an informative dissertation on the role that food plays in a seeker’s spiritual quest…see video.


Chapter 11. “Spiritual Pilgrimage”

Many times we see that people worship certain places of worship religiously. These pilgrimages are often associated with great spiritual wealth. However many seekers are unaware of the way in which they can truly receive this wealth. Are spiritual pilgrimages truly so beneficial to a seeker’s quest? How can a seeker make the most of a spiritual pilgrimage? What does any spiritual pilgrimage finally relate to in a seeker’s journey? The master answers these questions in the following discourse…see video


Chapter 10. “Spiritualism; The Real Deal”

Many times, we see people contemplating as to how they choose to walk the spiritual path. Many say that they prefer not to follow any realized master, but choose to indulge themselves incessantly in spiritual reading. Some also feel that listening to discourses and good thoughts can be a pre-requisite to having a realized master. Is such spiritual wealth truly potent? Can reading spiritual books or listening to spiritual dissertations truly liberate you? The master answers these questions in the following discourse…see video


Chapter 9. “Satsang (The Divine Energy)” 3, December 2009

In today’s world, the term satsang has been reduced to represent an event which showcases anything but true spirituality. In the present kaliyuga we are somewhat moving away from true satsang which indeed is the most powerful spiritual method. Why is satsang indeed so effective? Why is it paramount to a seeker’s spiritual progress to always indulge in satsang? How can a human being truly find satsang? In the following video discourse, Mr. Milindji Moghe elucidates on all that and more…see video

Chapter 8. “The need of a Guru” 26, November 2009.

The spiritual path is one that is interspersed with many illusions. It is a path that is interwoven with the many delusive impressions of life; for ultimately it is a path that takes the seeker beyond all those delusions. On such an arduous journey, it is imperative to have a guide to lead the way. Essentially that is what the guru (spiritual master) accomplishes. What is the guru? How to search for your guru? Are you truly ready to meet your guru? What importance does the guru bear in the life of a seeker? In the following discourse Mr. Milindji Moghe answers the aforementioned questions…see video


Chapter 7. “Impersonal Introspection” 19, November,2009.

Many times we hear people say that the way to understand and decipher the mysteries of life is to dispassionately introspect oneself. Impersonal Introspection carries a great deal of importance in the spiritual path as a person can learn about his shortcomings and strive to enrich himself accordingly. How can a seeker self-introspect without getting his ego in the equation? How can a seeker truly find the answers to all of life’s questions? In the following discourse Mr. Milindji Moghe sheds light on the same…see video.


Chapter 6. “A practical approach to Spirituality” 12, November,2009

Often we see people mentioning that spirituality is something that is not at all result-oriented. People often think that spirituality makes a person impractical and non-functional. Point of the matter is that contrary to popular belief, spirituality truly is something that can be applied pro-actively in daily life. It is something that can be experienced. In this chapter, Mr. Milindji Moghe elucidates on the practical implications that accompany spirituality and the ways in which one can incorporate it in his daily life…see video.


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  • By Prajakta Punde, October 30, 2009 @ 5:35 pm

    All these videos are very very useful.As it has been mentioned by Maharaj, we really require these reminders again and again.

  • By Revati shirole, November 4, 2009 @ 1:35 pm

    We r very grateful to Maharaj for making this wonderful site.

  • By Garrett, October 28, 2011 @ 12:32 am

    The information in each of these video clips is a lot to think about. Sometimes I wonder if people are making the spiritual life too hard?? Thanks for having a central place for all of them.

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