“The Prisoner of Choice” Audio-book

This is the story of the life of St. Ramus who was widely acclaimed as a healer. In the thirty six years preceding his ascension to the heavens, St. Ramus walked the lands healing countless souls of their many diseases. His own body remained a testament to his work as could be seen at the time of his departure from this world. Following is the account of the demon who became a man, of the man who became a saint and of the saint who until his last breath was a prisoner of his choice…The choice that made him a man…and the choice after which, he could no longer live as a man… This is his story in his own words…

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Chapter 11- Absolution

In the final chapter of “The Prisoner of Choice” series, the story of St. Ramus comes to a scintillating climax as he perceives the true scope and the true purpose of all the trials and tribulations that he underwent. Ramus realizes that the only way out of the suffering is through the suffering; that the only way out of the redundant and recursive human existence is to live through it with a benevolent purpose. Thus does Ramus in this story, completely accept his choice as he moves a step closer towards final absolution…listen now!


Chapter 10- Darkness

Ramus, at having discovered that his companions have vanished into nothingness, now starts wandering in the desert in a bid to try and find them. Despondent, dejected and close to death, he finally gives up on all hopes of survival in the Great Rift Valley. In an admission of crushing defeat as he falls to his knees, the only thought that races through his mind is WHY? Why did God, thus delude him into death and destruction? WHY? These are the last thoughts that spur from his mind as darkness takes him…listen now!


Chapter 9- Exodus

Ramus is greeted to the warm light of the rising desert sun as he continues his journey onwards in the Great Rift Valley. However, that day of the journey proves to be his greatest test. Ramus is greeted by a sight that betrays his instincts and makes him doubt all that he has seen and done till date. This is his rendition of the incident that changed his life forever. Explore it with him and you shall know for yourself…listen now!


Chapter 8- The Great Rift Valley

Ramus finally reaches the promised lands as he sets foot in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. As he disembarks from the caravan provided by Asafa and ponders on the way ahead, he walks through the Ethiopian capital. The Great Rift Valley is believed by many to be the birthplace of humanity; the place where the first humans came into being. Ramus silently meditates on the wondrous process of evolution as he perceives the birthplace of man. The dread and desolation of the Great Rift Valley awaits the arrival of Ramus; as there he would finally face his biggest test…listen now!


Chapter 7- The Scourge

As Ramus steadily moves on towards the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, he reflects upon his own journey till date. He finds that there is a reason to each and every pitfall that a seeker encounters on the spiritual path. Fresh from the battle with the unsatiated spirits that he exorcised, Ramus introspects and meditates on the purpose of his existence as he ever closer to completely realizing his mission which was akin to enduring a scourge. The scourge was a medieval act of torture. In a scintillating vision, Ramus truly cognizes the pain of that scourge; the scourge that every saint has to endure as he gives up his life in God’s name. Jesus was made to endure the scourge as he lay tormented in the midst of the men who tortured him as he bled ceaselessly so that they may be spared…listen now!


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