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True Bhaava

Bhaava is one of the most important aspects of spirituality. In modern day techniques, it is often given less importance over other forms of ritualistic meditations, but point of the matter is that in the end it is a seeker’s bhaava that matters the most in any given situation. Bhaava essentially means feeling. It is often mis-constured as emotion or bhaavana. However there are subtle differences between these two entities. Bhaava is a genuine unshaken inner sense that accompanies an individual through all walks of his life. Through thick and thin as the seeker experiences both the highs and the lows of worldly life, his bhaava never changes. bhaavana or emotions are necessarily like the flavour of the day. They keep on changing and altering through every single experience that the seeker undergoes in his life. Often emotions are drawn from experiences that in one way or the other either glorify or demean the human ego. Hence they are essentially related with the fickle aspect of human nature.

True bhaava, however has a unique quality of constancy and virtue to itself. bhaava can be manifested in any form. It can take the form of unshaken trust in God or it can be an individual’s resolute conviction pertaining to his purpose. Point of the matter is that bhaava is indeed one of the strongest forces on the face of this earth. The genuinity of this bhaava in the end determines a person’s growth both in the materialistic and spiritual pursuits of life. To elucidate more clearly on the concept, I would simply state that bhaava is a kind of energy that resides with a person. The potency of that energy has a direct corelation to the seeker’s orientation towards God; or towards his motive. The correctness of that orientation ultimately correponds to his receptivity; which in turn provides him the desired results. Now the results may vary from person to person. But in the end the potency with which an individual desires for the result ultimately corresponds to his rate of success.

In the end the fact that the seeker has to realize is that true bhaava is the direct expression of the spirit. It is unmaligned force of expression that spurs from the spirit itself. Thus it has great potency within itself. Whatever the spirit desires, it accomplishes, but in many cases the desires of the spirit conflict with the desries of the mind, and in the end the human being who constantly lies befuddled between the two, loses all sense of heading and orientation. To avoid this, one must always be aware of the bhaava that goes behind each of his actions. He must be aware of any undercurrents that exist to his motivation. By simply by being aware of what they are, one can go a long way in the journey of life. For in the end as long as the human being exists there will always be a conflict between the spirit and the mind. However being aware of that conflict, being aware of the true bhaava behind each and every action would go a long way in ensuring success in all walks of life…

Chapter 2: “True Bhaava” in Satsang(Audio)

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Chapter 2: “True Bhaava”

In the second chapter of the Satsang series of audio epistles, Rutugandha recounts the day when the master spoke of true bhaava. Bhaava or feeling is one of the most important factors in the spiritual growth of any seeker. In the following epistle, Rutugandha narrates the compiled dissertation of Shree Milindji Moghe as he elucidates and elaborates on this key concept…

P.S. The audio snippet is in Marathi interspersed with Hindi. We shall be providing you with the English transcript. Expect it on Wednesday.

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