Spirituality by its very essence often appears to be something of a lost pursuit. Often in this world, people feel that a spiritualist is someone who has necessarily failed at pretty much every material pursuit in life and hence has resorted to spirituality because it gives him a false sense of hope, bravado and purpose. However very few people truly try to understand the real essence of being spiritual; and the true purpose behind the same.

As mentioned in the onset, spirituality being a rather unconventional pursuit of life, often requires the seeker to live his life on terms that are entirely his own and not defined by the society in general. Often it happens that the society in its usual sense of nonsensical adjudence, terms anything that falls beyond its scope of understanding lewd; and the individual who pursues such an unconventional and incomprehensible path is often considered to be a lost cause. This is invariably seen in equal measures in both the eastern and western cultures. No one really wants you around if you are different; they just love you if you are the same as they are, however stupid that might be.

Hence it is often seen that an individual who transforms into a seeker through intense desire comes to that point after breaking a lot of norms that are laid down by society. Often it is seen that such individuals fail to get a real sense of happiness or satisfaction from the mundane pursuits that the general populace ascribes to. Rather it is seen that they fail miserably at them; many times getting inconsolably hurt or dejected. Hence in a sense if we see, the society is somewhat accurate in making the assumption that a spiritualist is necessarily someone who has failed in the mundane walks of life.

However what they incessantly fail to understand is that this failure is something that is a natural step in the evolution of man. Man often starts out by wanting to experience all the creations of the world; eventually he gets mesmerized by their beauty and gains great mirth from them; however beyond a certain point in time, he feels that there is something missing in all this joy and pomp; somewhere he feels the thirst that leads him to search for something beyond the obviousness of the mundane world. It is then that he truly discovers the spiritual world.

Hence it is a journey of experience and with experience the said individual gets to know all the aspects of the many illusions that surround him in this world. He understands that desires are not just the harbingers of mirth; but they eventually also turn out to be forerunners of despair. Realizing this completely he knowingly turns his desire away from the finite to the infinite; and that is where he becomes spiritual.

This in itself is a great rebellion of sorts; and the world looks at him and laughs. It treats him like an outcast and makes him the subject of many entertaining conversations over casual cocktails; however the one thing that they fail to realize is that by mocking this rebellion, they are inadvertently shunting their own process of evolution. For eventually everyone will one day be spiritual; as that is the natural progression of existence. Denying this truth only delays the eventual realization and prolongs the sense of despair drawn from the illusions of life.

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