1. What is The Last Pilgrimage?

The Last Pilgrimage is a journey through which, we wish to take you beyond all journeys of life. It is a blog aimed specifically at elaborating and elucidating upon the mysteries of life; the pitfalls; the quagmires and the subsequent failures. This is a sincere attempt to make the reader realize that there indeed are worlds beyond his mundane sight that would make this worldly life seem redundant and recursive. This is a humble and honest undertaking towards furthering the cause of enlightenment in humanity.

2. What is this site all about?

The Epistles of Enlightenment is a non-profit endeavor on part of Team Silentium to promote and propagate the teachings of our illumined master through this outlet. This blog will regularly feature inspiring, enticing and thought-provoking dissertations on self-introspection, realization and enlightenment. These epistles will focus on providing an insight into the journey of life, so that the seeker in the end may completely realize it through realizing the ’self. ‘Through the course of time we shall strive to provide you these epistles through all forms of media.

3. Are you guys a cult? What is this “Team Silentium”?

No air-quotes please! Nobody likes those…lol actually we are anything but a cult. Team Silentium is a group of highly dedicated, well-educated collective of intelligent people based out of Pune. India. We are thoroughly committed to the cause of enlightenment and spiritual research. We do not offer memberships as entry is voluntary and free. All you have to do is register on this weblog (even that is not a pre-requisite; but we would appreciate it as it would be easier to correspond with you). You will also be relieved to hear that we hold no secret ritualistic meetings and have no plans for world domination in the near future… 😉

4. What does Silentium mean?

Silentium is latin for silence, stillness, completeness, flawlessness and perfection. 🙂

5. Why the hell are you doing this? Don’t you guys have jobs and stuff?

Of course we do! This is more of a passion for us.

6. I like you guys. How can I help you?

Well you can help us by simply spreading the word. Tell your friends; refer it to your colleagues; shout it out to the world. How? Simple. At the end of any article, audio snippet or video discourse, you will see a button that says “Share”. Simply hover on it and it will show up a list of the most popular social networks. Simply click on the one on which you are registered and throw in a good word for us. That would mean the world…

7. Who generates the content that is posted on this site?

The content posted on this site is produced exclusively by Silentium Productions Pvt. Ltd. All content posted on this site is original. You would be hard-pressed to find other places which are indeed as resourceful and fulfilling as the tlp weblog. Click Here to visit the official Silentium Productions website.

8. What about my other questions concerning spirituality, religion, science, theo-social matrices and life?

Well, that is what the tlp weblog is here for. Go ahead and dive right in. We will be surprised if you don’t come out all happy and contented…

See Ya Around 🙂
Team Silentium

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