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The Journey Continues…

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Devotional Hymns & Chants in Audio

These devotional chants describe the mirth and joy that is derived out of devotion. It also relates to the seeker of the knowledge that is acquired out of self-realization. These epistles of enlightenment are produced exclusively by Team Silentium. Explore and experience these beautiful renditions of art that bring you ever close to realizing the kingdom of joy within you…listen now!

Keeping It Up in Articles

Many times in life, there are some twists and turns that make us reevaluate our choices. Many times, life deals a vicious blow to our spectacular dreams of grandeur. Often we feel that life is indeed too hard on us. How are we supposed to keep working while living through such a lie? How are we supposed to keep delivering on all aspects when we are faced with insurmountable difficulties? The answers to the aforementioned questions lie somewhere in the fact that we only get that which we desire. The life, that we experience, throughout our damned existence is indeed a mutated product of our own desires and now!

Celibacy in Spirituality in Video Discourses

There is always a dilemma in the mind of the seeker when it comes to this aspect of spiritual life. There are many questions that haunt the seeker as he tries to get an accurate overview of what this path expects from him. Owing to his pre-conceived notions, he believes that celibacy is a prerequisite on the spiritual path; but still he fails to realize that there is no such hard-written edict pertaining to celibacy in spirituality. Is it truly necessary for a seeker to be a celibate in order to achieve spiritually? Can a house-holder effectively walk the spiritual path? In the following discourse Shree Milindji Moghe answers all these questions and many more…see video!

Madhushaala- “Harivanshrai Bacchan”: A Treatise in Articles
Well i just thought that it would be a good idea to write a commentary on some verses from the poem “Madhushaala ” that Late Harivanshrai Bacchan wrote. You will find that the same poem is terrific from a spiritual standpoint, and has loads and loads of knowledge to offer… From those verses, one can only imagine, the heights that Harivanshrai Bacchan himself had scaled spiritually…. So here’s starting off…read more

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