Keeping it Up

Many times in life, there are some twists and turns that make us reevaluate our choices. Many times, life deals a vicious blow to our spectacular dreams of grandeur. Often we feel that life is indeed too hard on us. How are we supposed to keep working while living through such a lie? How are we supposed to keep delivering on all aspects when we are faced with insurmountable difficulties? The answers to the aforementioned questions lie somewhere in the fact that we only get that which we desire. The life, that we experience, throughout our damned existence is indeed a mutated product of our own desires and karma.

The spiritual path is one that necessarily requires a lot of acceptance on part of the seeker. The seeker has to purposefully set out to realize the truth. Many times, it so happens that the truth is diametrically opposite to his expectations. Many times it so happens that the seeker is completely taken aback at what he learns about himself, about his loved ones and about the world. Subsequently what happens is that the seeker is unable to keep up with the knowledge that he receives in his spiritual journey. Many times it so happens that his spiritual quest essentially leads the seeker to even more regret and despair as he starts to question the viability of every single entity in his life. In such troubled times, it is imperative that the seeker has with him a realized master who can truly show him the way towards the light.

The master acts like a source of inspiration and hope, as he wills the seeker to not only realize the truth, but to accept it as well. Not only that, but the master also exhorts the seeker to realize that the worldly journey is but a product of his own desires. Hence, if he were to leave it midway just because he no longer feels that it is worthwhile; it would mean that he would be keeping his desires and karma completely unresolved. Thus, his spiritual awakening would have not positive effect on his journey if he would be unable to finish that which he has started.

Thus the true worth of the spiritual seeker is usually tested after he attains realization. For in that crucial phase of his journey there is a great chance of deviation. Ultimately, deviation on the spiritual path leads to perpetual death and destruction. The reason why I so incessantly state this is owing to the fact that once the higher stages of the spiritual journey open up to the aspiring seeker, many processes are initiated within his body. His spiritual awakening greatly accelerates the rate karmic absolution. Simply put, the seeker moves ever closer towards attaining complete salvation from the human existence.

In such times, he suffers much and faces many situations that prove to be extremely critical. How he tackles these situations and how effectively he transforms every setback into an opportunity depends entirely upon his desire to succeed. The master always directs the seeker in this phase of his spiritual journey. The master knows the toll that the journey of life inadvertently takes on the seeker; and the master is always aware of the pitfalls that await his beloved child. Thus to salvage his sinking ship from the torrential seas of worldly existence, wherein the seeker lies stranded caught in a dimensional paradox of the spiritual and worldly life, the master leaves no stone unturned.

Ultimately the success of any undertaking depends entirely on the one who acts. Hence, herein it is of utmost importance that the seeker follows every directive given by the master, no matter how hard it seems to him. Eventually it would lead to a complete absolution of all his qualms…
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  • By Umesh, October 15, 2012 @ 6:59 pm

    good article and good to read again. seems to got the true meaning of it.

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